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Based on this <3! Please listen <3 others <3 <3 <3
Soft melodic notes drifted from the ivory and ebony keys. His fingers floated over the smooth keys effortlessly as his thoughts wondered from his daily schedule. His music always made you feel at piece when he played. Something reminded you of your home as you drifted through your childhood memories. You got up out of your bed and ran your fingers through your hair as you walked over to your slightly open door. You pushed the door aside as the music got louder as you entered into the hallway. Your feet gripped to the hardwood floor as you walked into the kitchen to get a drink. You peered over to the small wall piano; he was there with his dark blue pajama pants and his grey t shirt that matched his figure perfectly. You smiled as you took a sip of your water and placed it on the counter. You gently walked over trying not to distract his musical mind. You stood behind him for a while as your fingers found their way to his hair, straightening his little strands on his head so that it was perfect. Your arms snaked down his neck as your head rested on his shoulder. He smiled at your sweet actions as he kissed your cheek and continued to play his melodic song. You watched his skin lift and relax as he pressed down the keys, his muscles tightening and releasing to create the beautiful music that now filled your small apartment; his fingers stretching for the right notes, collapsing for the closer ones and moving up and down the keyboard. He closed his eyes and rested his head on yours as his fingers continued to play his song gently rocking you from side to side. You both didn’t say a word once the song was over, his hands held yours that still hung from his neck. Then after a couple of minutes you broke the silence.

“That was beautiful” You said in your morning voice

“Sorry if I woke you, I just wanted to get it just right.” He said as he turned on the piano bench that squeaked underneath him.

“Well you hit it on the nose” You tapped your finger on his nose as you smiled causing him to smile as well.
thank you
This is really cute!!☺️☺️
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yes it is!