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The large benches filled up the room as a raised stage wrapped around the whole room, it was dimly lit as five men sat behind a large mahogany desk in the front on a balcony, looking down on the eight bachelors and  bachelorettes that waited for their match to be chosen for them.
Dongwoon was sitting in the mist of the other contenders. You sat in the first couple rows with jeans and a black tank top on, since you family dragged you to this and you had no idea why. They told you that you were going to be awarded for all of your dedication in school. The head master greeted you all as everyone got seated and all of the benches were filled.

“Can the recipients please stand.” You stood up to his orders as you looked behind you to find seven other men and women with you. He gave the signal and then people on the stand stood up, including Dongwoon. He caught your eye as you scanned each one, both men and women were up there. He half smiled at you as you blushed and were asked to exit the room with the escorts.

Walking into a room by yourself, you saw a rack of dresses that you could choose from. Picking off the one that most resembled you that looked half decent on you, you fixed your hair letting it fall against your shoulders pinning one side up with a small clip that matched the dress.
Slipping on your high heels you knocked on the door as they let you out and escorted you back in the room with the others. This time they escorted you to different seats that sat in front of the suitors.

“You were brought here today because of your extraordinary abilities.” The master said again, as a little girl wandered to the suitors that sat across from you. She moved from suitor to suitor asking them if they could hold her, she got to the last person, Dongwoon. He picked her up as she lounged in his lap, he fixed her dress as you slowly began to fall in love with him. You knew what they were doing, the masters were pairing you up with the suitors as an arranged marriage. You weren’t that thrilled about the whole idea but as you looked at the four boys that you could be paired up with and Dongwoon looked like your type that you could at least become friends with him.

After hearing the masters speak for a while, testing everyone’s patience. One of the escorts made you all stand up and follow him as he told you to impress them as you walked by in your fancy clothes. You looked down at your purple dress that was tinted with blue, your sweetheart neckline and the tulip skirt that flowed behind you. Working the dress you walked by twirling and showing the suitors what they could get as you finished walking across the runway as you looked back and saw a smirk on Dongwoon’s face as he bit his lip. Once everyone was finished.
They moved you back down to your chairs as each one of the recipients showed off their talents. 

You walked up to the single microphone and they started the music as if you didn’t have a choice but begin to sing Savage Garden’s I knew I loved you before I met you. You had sung this song so many times at home, but you haven’t sung it in front of people. You closed your eyes and gently sung the song as you saw Dongwoon in the front row watching you happily.
You smiled and let your emotions take over as you finished the song you curtsied. The crowd just sat there as you walked off and took your seat, you watched the others as they performed, some of them trimmed trees while the others painted pictures. You watched Dongwoon as he stole glances from you every now and then. Once everyone was finished.

Scores flashed up on the screen as you saw who you would be paired with, the suitors were ranked from least to greatest, Dongwoon was the greatest and you had wanted him.
“We would like you to sing us a song randomly to try and decide which one of the suitors would be the best fit.” The masters said as they made you all stand up in a line. You looked at your ranking, right now you were in third place out of four for the men suitors. Needing to do well in the next event you watched as everyone performed the same song, Kelly Clarkson’s People Like Us. Singing it with all of your confidence you sat next to Dongwoon, and danced next to him as he started to harmonized with you, which was forbidden for you to do but he could do what he wanted to. The masters above watched you down below as you lost yourself in your song. Singing with everything you had almost as a last ditch effort to get the chance to be with Dongwoon.

The song ended as you bowed to him and to the judges, sitting back down next to him. His arm wrapped around you gently pulling you close as you felt his lips in your hair as you closed your eyes, his lips kisses your cheek as he whispered something sweet but you couldn’t hear him over the roar of the crowd and your family giving you a standing ovation. You looked up at the screen as you saw that you and Dongwoon had been paired together from the masters.

“I’ve known you’d be the one” He says as he continues to kiss you.

Then the contestants had to walk out while the masters decide on the other couples. All of you
left and went into the waiting room as they replayed the whole contest for you, they asked you to come back in you sat in your own seats and waited them to officially pair you with your suitor. The masters all announced the final, the masters, announcing all of the others, you were last, you walked up on stage as Dongwoon picked you up in his arms and twirled you around.
He locked his lips with yours, happy that he got you. You had won the grand prize, you knew you had and you were glad that your work paid off in the end. Your family cheered for you and you hugged him tightly happy that you were able to get him.
I'm confused but ok
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It's weird that it's a contest type thing, but at least they wanted to get each other 🤓🤓
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You still remember?? 🤔🤔