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Sitting in the strong arms of your boyfriend Dongwoon was the best feeling in the world. His body heat radiating to yours keeping your always cold body warm. Lifting your eyes from his loose white tank top you followed the strong muscles in his neck to his jawline up to his parted pink lips then to his nose and closed eyes.

Sweat droplets formed on his forehead as you carefully pushed his beautiful hair away.

“Woonie” You whispered as your fingers slid down his clammy cheeks as beads of sweat gathered at the base of his neck. A tired moan came from his lips as his tired eyes flickered open.

“Are you hungry?” You asked softly as you watched his eyes roll back and his eyelids gently close over his brown orbs.

Lazily he rolled his head side to side as you furrowed your brow in confusion knowing that Dongwoon was always hungry. Watching his body his breaths became labored as he began to get all sweaty and kick off the sheets.

“Why is it so hot in here?” He mumbled as you bundled the covers around you due to the cold room that you were in. Pressing the back of your hand against his cheeks then his forehead you felt his hot clamy skin against your hand as your heart fell for him. Rolling over to a cool spot in the bed he sprawled out as you patted his arm and got out of bed.

Moving into the bathroom you looked through your medicine cabinet as you found some medicine that would bring down his fever. Making your way back to the bedroom with a glass of water in one hand and the pills cradled in your other you moved to the edge of the bed as you rubbed his chest gently.

“Woonie I have some medicine to help you” You said softly as he shook his head.

“I-I don’t need it” He said softly as more sweat made his skin shine in the morning light.

Pursing your lips at him you set the water and medicine on the bedside table. Getting up you moved to the bathroom, grabbing a wash cloth you turned the cold water on as you put the cloth in the water then rung it out. Moving back to Dongwoon’s side you patted the cold towel against his skin of his neck and cheeks as he pleasurably moaned in relief. Your eyes scanned over his complexion as he looked even paler than before. His hand moved over his abdomen as his hand grabbed the fabric overlaying his stomach. Rolling his head to one side then the next he looked uncomfortable as all you wanted to do was to make him better.

“Dongwoon please take this medicine. Then you can relax and sleep.” You begged as he opened his eyes.

His hand opened as you moved the medicine into his hand and then water to his other.
Gulping down the medicine he fell back on the pillow as he still breathed heavily. Moving to the other side of Dongwoon you sat next to him as he moved his hand into yours. It was hot and sweaty but you held onto it as he moved his head to your bare legs. Leaning against the headboard you began to him softly as your hand carefully pet his hair. Both of your hands were clasped over his chest as his head lulled to one side. Watching his chest move up and down slowly you had a smile on your face as you knew that he was asleep. Without disturbing him you pulled a blanket over him as you traced his jawline with your finger as you leaned down and kissed your cheek.

“Get better soon love”
Awwww he got sick
he did :) I think he would be cute sick though
Awe!! So cute!! 😍😍
thank you so much!