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Happy 28th Birthday to Boyfriend's leader and lead vocalist Donghyun (Kim Dong Hyun).
Oh, I just realized that doesn't have that long before he has to fulfill his mandatory military requirement (unless he did right out of high school).

He is the not only the leader but the oldest member of Boyfriend.

Donghyun and Teen Top's Chunji were both cast in a new musical. 'My Bucket List' will be in Japan at the Tokyo Seaside Festival Hall B from February 25 to March 12. The musical is about two boys Kanggu and Haegi. Kanggu is a young man who wants to be a singer but has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. He meets Haegi who is in the same condition, and the two tick off things on their bucket list together. I've seen a preview and it looks so good.

Happy Birthday Donghyun!