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A/N: HELLO GUYS! I am happy to announce that I was asked to join The House Of Disquietude so starting from now I will be posting Angst!! I will try my best to help my team so hopefully you enjoy this Namjoon angst!!

Summary: I love him but I hate it when he touches me....

You watched as he looked himself in the mirror. You tried to forget but all you can remember is how she had kissed him on those luscious lips. How she traced kisses down from his neck. But what hurt was how he kissed back. How he placed his hands on her cheek as if though she was the most precious thing in the world to him. How he caressed her hair at the end of the video.

Your friend had sent you a video of Namjoon on his weekend with the boys. It had turned out that it was a romantic getaway for him and his other girl. You laughed a little to yourself,"What are you laughing at?" He asked as he looked up from fixing his tie in to your reflection in the mirror.

At myself.

You smiled ever so softly at him, "Just a joke that I had seen on twitter earlier. I just got it." He smiled at you turning around to walk towards you as he leaned forward kissing your forehead. You felt disgusted. Knowing that those same lips were all over her. Knowing that those lips had been lying to you for god knows how long. "You're so slow sometimes."

You scoffed. You were slow you admitted that but did they mock you thinking you were stupid too. After seeing the video thousands of questions kept running through your head but the one question that bothered you the most was:

How long? How long have they been playing you.

You thought about those times he said he would come home late working on a song. Or times when he said he was going to be out with the boys all night. You gave him your trust. Little did you know you were going to be betrayed.

"Are you ready babe?" You nodded as you stood up your long red and beige evening gown falling elegantly on the floor. The dress hugging your curves in the right places. You smiled at Namjoon as he took your arm and wrapped it around his as you headed downstairs for the MAMA after party.

When you two had walked in your eyes had shifted to the girl. She was wearing a long black gown with diamond earrings. Everyone's eyes that were placed on her was now on you. All of them except Namjoon. He looked infatuated. When he bit his lip you knew it wasn't for you.

"Babe I'll go say hi to some friends. Why don't you go make some?" You shook your head,"Joon...can't I be with you?" He smiled awkwardly as you notice the girl signaling him to come fast,"Just find someone to talk to." He then pointed in the opposite direction of the girl,"Look Jimin is over there."

Before you can say anything Namjoon had already left. You watched his tall slim figure walk over so casually to the girl as you headed towards the exit. You felt tears threatening to come out. You couldn't do it any more. Even when you were in the same room they were confident enough. But you couldn't stand it anymore. You hated Namjoon. All that love you had for him leaves you with nothing but some type of bitter taste in your mouth.

You headed to your room changed out of your dress, removed your make up, and fixed your hair to look casual. You then grabbed your things sprawled out on the vanity. You took everything but the ring with the diamond stone on it. You left the ring on the vanity table close to his earphones making sure that he'll see it. Even if it was by accident.

It had been an hour since you had left the party but you figured Namjoon was to occupied to even notice. You looked into the ballroom one last time hoping to catch a glimpse of Namjoon. Just for one last time. And in the corner you notice a familiar figure leaning in towards the same girl from earlier stealing a kiss. The tears that was only threatening to come out had finally fallen. You cried, wiping the tears as they come, as you headed outside to hail a taxi.

"Where to miss?" The cab driver asked in chinese as you continued to cry.

"The airport...please." You replied back in your broken chinese. The driver nodded and headed towards the airport.

When you were just about to board the plane your phone had vibrated.

JoonBuug [1:45 am]: Babe where are you?

You scoffed and thought at least one the boys should know where you were.

You [2:00 am]: Hey Chim. I'm leaving tonight for Korea don't ask. Ill tell you when you guys get back!

You then turned off your phone boarding the plane.

JoonBuug [2:56 am]: I just got up to our room...where are you?

JoonBuug [3:00 am]: I just found the ring what is this supposed to mean?

JoonBuug [3:00 am]: Babe?

JoonBuug [3:02 am]: Please let's talk

JoonBuug [3:05 am]: Why aren't you answering your phone?


He began to feel frustrated. She wasn't answering her calls or even reading his text messgages. He didn't know what had just happened. All he knew was that before the party everything  was going so well. So why was she suddenly so pissed. When at the corner of his eyes he had noticed she had left behind her iPad. Namjoon unlocked the screen and the iPad opened to her iMessage. He then saw the video message that one of her friends had sent her.

All of a sudden Namjoon had figured everything out. He knew that she had found out about his affair. He knew that she had known he had been cheating on her. He ran his hands through his hair biting his lips. Fuck.

He looked up at the clock and with big read letters it read:

3:44 am

"Breaking News a plane that had crashed earlier this evening off the coast of China headed towards Seoul, South Korea had been found. Has yet to be determined if there are any survivors."

Namjoon jolted up from his seat. He didn't want to believe the possibility that Y/N was on the flight so he took out his phone and  called Yoongi,"What? It's too early for this Namjoon?"

"This is important is Y/N with you?" He groaned,"No and how is this important its just a couple quarrel." He bit his lip out of frustration. "Thanks anyways."

"Hello Jimin?" He heard as he took the phone out of his ear and hung up to ring Jimin.

"Hello?" Jimin said drowsily.

"Sorry for waking you do you know where Y/N is?"

Namjoon could hear Jimin shuffling from his bed a little,"Yeah she said shes headed back to Seoul like an hour ago. Did something happen?"

Namjoon placed his hands on his head standing up out of frustration. Shit. "Ill call you later Jimin." Namjoon then pulled up his messenger and began typing another message to you.

JoonBuug [4:00 am]: Babe are you safe?

JoonBuug [4:00 am]: Please tell me this isn't real? Y/N...please tell me you're not on a flight right now

JoonBuug [4:01 am]: I'm so sorry...If I knew this was going to happen..

JoonBuug [4:30 am]: Y/N...please be safe and sound...I'll do anything to hear you're alive.

Soon after hitting send Namjoon glued his eyes to the news. Any news about survivors for the plane crash. But the minutes had now turned to hours before he knew it he had stayed up all night.

"...Next on the news is the plane that had crashed has been confirmed to have no survivors. The plane's engine had unfortunately combusted into flames and the planes emergency equipment such as airbags and such had not been properly executed causing the deaths of many on the plane."

Namjoon's head fell to his hands as he heard the news. Y/N was gone. He heard the boys walking into the room. Tears coming down his face he texted Y/N knowing that no reply was to come.

JoonBuug [7:38 am]: I know this means nothing now that you're gone...but I love you...and I am sorry for hurting you...

The boys watched as he cried the others looking confused then Jimin spoke up,"I came to ask if it was a lie but...so she was on that plane."

"What plane?" Namjoon pointed to the tv,"That one." The boys were shocked. They wouldn't be able to hear Y/N's laugh or even see her smile anymore. All he knows is that he hurt her. When she left she was unhappy. Namjoon regretted not making her as happy as he could. But there was nothing he can do now. Because she was gone.

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Amazing.... you make me feel so many emotions. It's a good thing though. Emotions make me feel alive. And right now I feel so alive. Thank you yet again.
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I do really love your stories. They are really awesome and I hope that you continue to write. So I can continue to read. They're what I wait for lol. You make them so relatable and real. they are so awesome.
😱 the feels my eyes won't stop watering 😭😭😭
*curls up in a ball* my feels man
Sorry? Or maybe not idk but glad you enjoyed it ♥
Regret is such a bitter feeling 😢
Yes YEs it is