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Summary: If you knew you can't be together forever what would you do?
"Y/N are you here?" You drowsily opened your eyes as you heard Jimin from behind the door."Why?" You heard him sigh,"How long are you going to be in there for? You disappeared for a week and now you haven't gone to school. Its been weeks the teacher said you have to attend your classes." You groaned as you got out of your bed careful not to step on any of the developed photos from your mysterious trip to Osaka, Japan. When you got to the door you flinched at the cold sensation of the door knob and opened the door to your room. "Relax...I'm going to class tomorrow...I just stayed up all night so I have a banging headache." To your surprise Jungkook rushed into the room and immediately walked into the bathroom. You heard him open a drawer so you figured he was checking if you were taking your medicine. "Don't worry Jungkook!!" He then came out the bathroom smiling as he rushed back outside,"Just checking." He then texted someone. Your guess it was Youngjae but you can be wrong. When you walked out you were surprised to see that Nayeon, Jin and Suzy were here too. "I didn't realize my apartment became the headquarters for couples  therapy." Jungkook then came in with water and some snacks,"Sorry they're here to discuss the photoshoot stuff." You nodded slowly as you grabbed a water bottle,"Huh. Okay well is that all you needed Chim?" He shook his head,"We need you to tell us the best place to do a romantic photoshoot. Or you know take us?" You headed to the kitchen and grabbed some corn snacks putting it on a wooden bowl you had removed from the cupboards. Placing one of the sweet corn snacks in your mouth as you sat down next to Jungkook placing your legs on his lap,"How about Jeju. I've always wanted to go there." Jin scoffed,"Kind of cliche don't you think?" You shrugged,"I love cliche. It's cute, simple, and romantic. The wind, scenery, the food." You said as your eyes sparkled when you emphasized the part about food. "And there's the truth she just wants to go there for food." Jungkook smiled at you as he went for one of your corn snacks," Hey! Jeon Jungkook don't touch my food!" He placed the corn snack in his mouth,"You take my food all the time." You glared at him and looked back at Jin who had his arms around Suzy. "If you don't like Jeju we can just go farther, overseas maybe. Europe? Paris? Spain? Italy?" Jimin then threw a pillow at you,"And where are we going to get money for that? Didn't you just go to Japan?"Ignoring Jimin's remark your eyes then lit up as you remembered your absolute favorite part of the world. "Oh how about Taipei?!" Jin cocked an eyebrow,"Why Taipei?" You then took out a pastel pink notebook from the side table next to you,"It has the prettiest scenery AND it's on my list of places I want to visit," Jungkook then grabbed the notebook from your hands and read out loud ,"Places I want to visit before I die..." He paused for a second as he looked up at you with pained expression,"Jeju, Japan, Italy, Paris, Spain, New York, China." He looked up at you,"You made things like this?" You nodded as Jungkook looked through your books of things you want to do before you die. He looked as if though he was about to cry so you grabbed the notebook from him. "Everyone has one right?" You looked up at everyone in the room praying that someone would say that they had one. "A bucket list? Isn't that things people have when they are about to die?" You faked a laugh,"Hey Chim. That's only in movies. You should make one because tell me when do you know when you're actually going to die?" He paused,"Well I don't know I'm not a fucking psychic." You shrugged and smiled,"Exactly so I started now just incase. I could be dead tomor--" "Why are you talking like that?!" Everyone looked at Jungkook who had suddenly raised his voice. You then put the bowl down and took your legs off him placing them on the cold ground,"Jungkook..." He had finally realized what had just happened and got up and headed towards his room slamming the door shut. You looked at everyone who seemed startled by the boy's sudden outburst. You laughed nervously clearing your throat,"Must of struck a nerve my bad. I'll go apologize." You hurriedly walked to his room and knocked on his bedroom door. You felt everyone staring at you. When Jungkook opened the door you knew he had been wiping away the tears. You then softly whispered loud enough for only Jungkook to hear,"I'm sorry I know you're trying your best and me talking like tha--" He then suddenly hugged you and whispered,"Don't die..." You felt a knot forming in your stomach. You patted Jungkook as he released you from the embrace. He looked up at you and then back at everyone behind you. He went to the group and apologized and created some bizarre triggering  event in his life that caused him to act that way leaving you stunned by his words. You stood there for a second and followed after him. You noticed Jin looking your way and smiled at him. You then looked at the people around you. You grabbed your bowl of snacks placing a snack in your mouth. Don't Die. Jungkook's pleading voice repeated in your head. You found yourself staring at the bowl as you thought to yourself. You didn't want to die. You wanted to live. You wanted to be at Jimin's wedding. You wanted to be there when Jungkook makes it big. You wanted to be there for Youngjae when he has his first child. You then looked at Jin one more time. You knew for sure you wanted Jin to be smiling at you as you walked down the aisle. You clenched your fists at the frustration. But you knew it was impossible for you. You shook your head. "Y/N? You okay?" You looked up to find Jimin and the others staring at you ,"Hmm? What I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." Jungkook then put his hand to your forehead,"No fever. You seem out of it." You smiled as you grabbed his hand and removed it from your forehead placing it on his thighs instead. "No I'm fine I told you just a headache." He slowly nodded and smiled,"Well we were saying we can go to Jeju. Jin can drive us." "Wait why do I have to go?" You said looking around,"As backup." You looked at Jin,"Backup?" He nodded,"Photographer. Or something." You nodded,"Just because it's in Jeju I'll accept." You smiled as you got up to go to the kitchen to wash your bowl and Jin gives you a smile back following you.,"That's one place checked off your list." You nodded excitedly,"I guess my house being couples therapy had its perks." He then leaned forward towards you making your heart skip a beat. He was reaching for something behind you when he suddenly looked down his eyes landing straight into yours,"Y/N..."I'm trying to grab a cup." You cleared your throat as you ducked and got of his way,"Right. Sorry." You watched as he got a cup and opened the water bottle in his hands and poured the water into the cup. He looked back at you as he drank the water smiling at you. You snapped your head towards the living room. Where Jungkook and Suzy caught your eye. Jungkook was flirting with Suzy. To make it worse she was flirting back. You turned your head to Jin who seemed to be watching the whole thing. You cleared your throat,"So are you a teacher or? Because I know that a student a teachers shouldn't be in a relationship." He shook his head,"Just a coach...I'm not really paid I only volunteer and modeling is my main job." You nodded your head slowly,"That's convenient for the both of you then." He slowly nodded,"Y/N...I know you made your decision a month ago...but I really like you. I don't know why but everytime you cross my mind I--" You thought for a second and you smiled,"I'm over it. You should too." You bit your lip as a hurt expression took over his face. "I'm sorry...I've never gone after a girl like this befo--" "Hey! Y/N can you grab some more snacks!" You snapped your head in Jimin's direction. "Okey Dokey!" He gave you a cute smile as he turned his head back to Nayeon. "I'm going to go...being alone together like this will raise suspicion. And you don't want Suzy to feel pain do you?" He looked down and mumbled something you couldn't understand before he went back to his seat next to Suzy. You followed not soon after with the snacks Jimin had requested. "Hey Park Jimin get your feet off my table!" He looked up at you with puppy eyes,"But they hurt!" You then gave him a smile grabbing his chin,"And I care?" He then stuck his tongue out glaring as he took his feet off the coffee table. "Waah. Y/N is so scary when she's serious." Suzy's remark raised an uproar of laughs. You laughed too your gaze falling back to Jin who seemed to enjoy himself. But for some reason you knew it was nothing but a facade. You felt that he was right the Jin you met at your grandmother's was the real Jin. ======================
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I'm sorry for not saying this before but I'm enjoying reading your story 😊
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you know you made me cry twice today lol but that just means you are good
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