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The management agency of Yoo In Na said that they will not announce official position specially for the confession of love by Ji Hyun Woo to Yoo In Na. An official of YG Entertainment, the management agency of Yoo In Na, told Osen on the morning of June 8th, 2012, “We will not response, and will not issue separate announcement.” As Yoo In Na does not issue official announcement after receiving the declaration of love from Ji Hyun Woo, as the result, currently, only the parties involved understand the relationship of the two persons. Read more:
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So hope it works out for this couple.
i do hope she feels the same way......the chemistry between them is undeniable....
Yoo In Na's agency not so long ago stated that they are not in a relationschip :(, but I hoppe it's only what theyre saying and not the truth.
I find it interesting that Yoo In Na agency has no comment. If they are not in's the best acting since the beginning of time.