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[Update] It's official! Jung Il-Woo is cast for male lead in upcoming MBC drama series GOLDEN RAINBOW (literal title of "Hwanggeum Moojigae"). Drama series has already cast Uee, Lee Jae-Yoon and Cha Ye-Ryun for the other principle characters. In the drama series GOLDEN RAINBOW, Jung Il-Woo will play Do-Young who becomes a prosecutor. He is also Baek-Won’s (Uee) supporter and romance partner. GOLDEN RAINBOW first airs November 2, 2013 in South Korea. OMG FINALLY IT HAPPENING WAIT S OVER JUNG IL WOO OPPA IS BACK YAYYY I AM JUST SOOOO HAPPY I CAN'T BLV IT OPPA GUMAWAO 4 COMING 2 UR FANS I REALLY MISSED U NOW I AM WAITING 4 DIS I WILL DEF WATCH IT OPPA HWAITING OPPA SARANGHHEO <3 :) CREDIT 2 JUNG IL WOO @FACEBOOK
@StephiiKins @tyta468 @deniselane773 Chingus u won't blv and excited i am after hearing i was waiting for oppa comeback like crazy checking up on himm sooo much oppa took such a long break and i missed him and i am just sooo gladd oppa is back 2 us his lovely fans oppa u really don't knw Ur fans love and missed u sooo much welcome back and thanku 4 coming back muahhhhs ♥♥♥:-* oppa saranghaeo ♥♥♥:-)
@tyta468 thanks! I'm getting better amd back to my old self again!
hopefully you'll be ok..gosbless you..see you around..@StephiiKins
@tyta468 i've had a lot going on. I've been going through a lot and needed to get my head back on srtaight.
@StephiiKins ..girl where you been? hopefully everything is ok yeap my other favorite actor is back, I'm so happy. .
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