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"Now I am going to the school of action to prepare me for the action of the drama scenes Inspiring Age. In general, I always work hard, but this time I strive to work with enthusiasm. In addition I will do a role that I've wanted to do. You could say that my role in the drama, Shin Jung Tae, is a "man among men". However, we will also focus on the creation of of a wounded person. Inspiring Age is a drama about love and friendship set in 1930 in Shanghai, a story about patriotism and the injured wishes of young people. Since it is my return to the small screen after a long time, really I want to show a much more mature and brilliant in the drama aspect." Source: Sports Today interview Via: @AlienPrinceKHJ TRANS espa: maya-chan @ (@SS501_SP) oppa fighting love u waitng 4 dis <3