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Wait what!? Target sells Kpop albums!??😲😲
I just searched up BTS you never walk alone album and this came up. You can buy kpop albums at target!!! what!!?? Am I just seeing things since they just dropped their album and mv. Sucks that its only online. But OMG!! Target needs to sell these albums in stores!!

***pre-ordering/purchasing from target, bestbuy or walmart, it won't count towards Hanteo charts and Gaon Charts. But you do you. I'm not saying its bad to buy album from target etc. its actually pretty good to know that you dont have to pay so much shipping.***
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The heck!!!!!!!
9 months ago·Reply
Pre-ordered!! Thank you!
9 months ago·Reply
omg wth but the real question do they have them in stores
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@may99 exactly, target has a clear business strategy and won't take action
9 months ago
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Oh hell yes
9 months ago·Reply