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Summary: If you knew you can't be together forever what would you do?
You yawned watching as your best friend loaded the van with your luggage and Jungkook sluggishly following with his. "Why do I have to do this?" You shrugged,"Sorry been feeling weak lately. I can't possibly carry that heavy thing." Jimin then glared at you,"They why'd you take so many things with you?" You shrugged,"Force of habit now shut up and just be careful." You laughed as you felt someone pulling on your jacket causing you to look at the perpetrator. "What is it?" Jungkook leaned in and whispered in your ear,"Y/N...do you have your medicine?" You nodded patting on your backpack. "Don't worry." Jungkook smiled and texted someone again,"Can you stop doing that?" Jungkook looked up playing stupid acting as if you had no idea what he was doing,"Doing what?" You shook your head rolling your eyes,"Nothing let's just go." Jungkook smiled as he wrapped his arms around you,"Okay let's go!" You smiled as you you both sat in the back of the van with Jungkook between you and Suzy. Your eyes had locked together with Jin's at the rear view mirror and you just gave him a quick smile as you went ahead and placed your head on the window and closed your eyes. Falling asleep almost instantly. "Grammy is Gramps going to be okay?" Your grandmother gave you a small nod,"He's just having trouble remembering things sweety but he is fine." You nodded slowly as you watched your grandmother place her hands on his. "Who are you?" Your mother then grabbed your hands and dragged you out the room. You watched as your grandmother's eyes filled with tears and faked a smile as the door closed and you headed out for the car with your mother. "Mom...Is that what'll happen to me?" Your mother looked at you from the drivers seat. Quickly turning her head to the road,"No sweety...you wont get like that I promise dad and I will find a way." You rolled your eyes at the mention of your dad. You hated him for cheating on your mother. Maybe you hated yourself. You figured he did what he did because he couldn't handle having a daughter that was going to die sooner than him. You figured he loved your mother just not you. "I was there mom...Gramps can't even walk on his own anymore." You silently cried as you thought about the struggles you and your loved ones would go through once the disease takes over your life. Your mother squeezed your hands,"It won't happen to you baby I promise." You wiped your tears off and smiled. Might as well practice to put on a smile you thought. "Thanks mom...I love you..." "Y/N...!" You opened your eyes and to your surprise you noticed that it was Jin who had woken you up,"Are we here?" He shook his head. "We're at a rest stop. There is a long way to go before we even arrive at the ferry that'll carry us to the island." You nodded as you felt a trail of dried tears down your face,"You were crying...in your sleep that is...was it a nightmare?" You nodded softly as you bit your bottom lip,"You can say that..." Jin rubbed the back of his head and patted your head leaving his hand resting on your head,"Let's go and eat." You then grabbed his hands. You never noticed how much bigger they were than yours. You interlaced your fingers with his. Your whole body was then taken with a warm feeling that made you feel safe. That not even your disease can touch you. You smiled as you brought his hands up to your face and smiled softly. You hoped and wished that you can stay like this forever but you knew that it was impossible. "Are you doing this unconsciously again?"You laughed at Jin's remark as you let go of his hands,"Sorry...let's go eat." You then jumped off the van. You and Jin then joined the others. You looked around ended up sitting down in between Jungkook and Jimin. Jimin then took off his scarf and wrapped it around your neck,"It's cold Y/N! You'll get sick." You smiled softly while staring in his eyes kind of just taking everything in. His beautiful features highlighted by the rising sun and his sparkling eyes,"Thanks Chim..." You then laid your head on his shoulder,"...for everything." You were feeling sentimental all of a sudden. Maybe it was the dream you had. Maybe because someday you won't be able to say these things. Maybe it's because you knew that someday your ability to think and speak for yourself will be taken from you. Maybe because you knew you won't even remember the things he has done for you. You didn't care what the reason was. All you knew was that you had to say these things or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. "Y/N are you okay. Usually you would just stay quiet  not get all sentimental on me for putting that scarf on you." You laughed,"Well I'm cold so...I'll forgive you this one time." Nayeon and Jimin looked at each other and laughed replying sarcastically,"Wow thanks Y/N I can't believe you forgive me just like that." You then stuck your tongue out at Nayeon and Jimin putting your hand up as you went and reached for the sandwich in the middle of the table. As you were going to grab it you felt your muscles tightening. Your hand was just there hovering over the plate of food. You tried your best to pull or even just move your fingers but nothing. It was like your hand wasn't a part of your body anymore. It just wouldn't listen. When Jungkook had noticed he quickly grabbed your hand and placed it in his. You looked at him. He had a look of worry and pity causing you to jolt up from your seat. Everyone's attention was suddenly at you. Without saying a word you ran back to the van. You were freaking out. Things like that has never happened before. You drank your medicine but why? Why were symptoms showing up? You looked at your phone and thought about ringing Youngjae but you stopped yourself. You'll worry him and your mother. The last thing you needed was being immediately taken to a doctor and being locked up in a hospital room for days maybe even weeks for testing. You were scared and confused. You didn't know what to do. You were alone. You felt the fear swallowing your body. When you heard a voice. Your voice. Am I going to die soon? You shook your head trying not to think about what just happened. But the thought of death kept playing in your head over and over. ==========================================
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seriously read yhis on wattpad and cried and read it just now and cried .
Im sorry 😭😭😭😭
This story gots me on the edge. I'm wondering when Jin is going to figure it out.