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hey everyone! this my first Card so sorry in advance if there's a mistake!

So I woke up to find spring day mv in my notifications...... I am not ready for this comeback ya'll.
The Spring Day MV has such a beautiful contrast of colors between members hair colors, their outfits and all of the settings. this song to me has a nostalgia and longing kind of feel to it. I'm really liking it, I've watched 3x already and I just got up.
the beginning has a serious scene that im still thinking about. as i saw tae kneel i was like no! don't you dare
namjoons part here had me melting. i miss you too namjoon haha jp .
i love bts scenes in mv where everyone is playing around it looks so fun i want to join. i could totally see bts for real playing when doing these scenes.
these are some great examples of what i meant by how contrasting the colors are i love it! the artist in me is pleased! i also liked the snippets of lyrics i captured.
thanks for reading my card!