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Hello Beaitiful ARMY's!!! This week we decided to celebrate Valentines day a bit early! Lets see what kind of date Jimin has in store for us today! ~~♡

It's about 9 am on a beautiful Sunday morning, Jimin calls you over to the park, once you arrive you are surprised to see that he has a beautiful morning picnic set up for the both of you! Ahh what a guy! ♡
After breakfast, Jimin takes you over to the Bighit dance studio becuase he forgot his jacket during practice yesterday. This ends up turing into hours of Jimin teaching you BTS' choreography!

It is now 6 in the afternoon, you both decide to take an evening walk. Jimin insists on holding hands for "saftey reasons". The weather is beautiful, the breeze is just right. What a perfect way to spend the evening!
As it begins to get dark, Jimin suggests watching the sunset together. So you both sit and talk for hours admiring the beautiful golden view!

The sun has now set, and it has gotten darker, it is about 8 pm. There is one more place Jimin wants to take you. He covers your eyes and walks you towards the final location. You smell all sorts of food and hear voices everywhere! You immediately know where you are and you both have an amazing time !!!
Jimin finally walks you home, he wants to make sure you get back safely .. and he asks for one thing before you go, he closes his eyes and leans over closer to you.. "Not on the first date Jimin!"
Of course he understands! But he wont let you off so easily next time.! He sees you off until you walk through your doors. You later recieve a text from Jimin "Good night and sweet dreams." Then you're off to bed, for another day with Park Jimin. ♡

Thats it for this Sunday's Jimin card ! I hope you all liked it, and i'll see you all with more Jimin next Sunday!!! ♡♡


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No problem! 😊 Welcome to the tagfam! 😄
"not on the first date Jimin" awwww so adorable💕😊
aaawwwweeeeee soo cute!