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Summary: She was in pain but no one noticed.
A/N: Okay so I tried to do something different with the POV tell what you guys think about it maybe I'll do more stories just like it!! she left 2 Hoseok noticed how much his feelings for Y/N has changed. He noticed how he no longer wanted to be with her every second of the day. He noticed how the butterflies he felt every time she laughs or smiles had also disappeared. But what he didn't notice was that Y/N was no longer herself. He didn't notice that the reason he didn't feel anything anymore was that the Y/N he knew was no longer there.  No one knew. No one knew that Y/N wasn't herself anymore so no one tried to help her. It was subtle at first. The little habits she had picked up. Constantly biting her nails or playing with her fingers. Playing with her hair. No one picked up in these changes not even the man who claimed to have loved her with all he had.  Then it got worse. She would start fights with Hoseok whenever he came home late from practice. Accusing him of cheating. Hoseok would just spout back nonsense and leaving their shared apartment slamming the door behind him. Every time he did so the anxiousness inside her grew bigger. She didn't know that every time he closed that door he went to someone else to provide him the comfort he needed. Soon that longing comfort for him turned into love. He began to hate Y/N but began to love someone else. She was sick but no one knew. Her sickness had finally gotten much worse when Hoseok had broken up with her. Was it me? Did I do something? She thought to her self as her anxiety was taking a new form. But once again no one noticed. She called for help but no one answered. Instead they left. Growing tired of her sudden change. Even the man who promised to be with her until the end of time had left. Leaving her to help herself. But nothing worked. The monsters grew stronger everyday and all the pills did were give her a moment of peace but it wasn't permanent she wished it to be. She wished that the pills effect can be longer.  Then one day she came home from work after running into the man who was once the one who brought sunshine to her life. He was with someone new. He was smiling brighter than he had ever with her. He had been happier. She then realized that shes had enough. Enough of the senseless suffering. She had realized that maybe everyone would be happier without her. She laughed to herself as tears flowed out. She just wanted to be in peace forever. So she grabbed her bottle of pills and looked at the contents. Will I even be happier if I continued to live? What's the point in all  of this?  She thought to herself. As similar questions kept running through her head thousands of times. Along with the etched image of Hoseok smiling so happily without her. Then she finally came to the conclusion that things will never get better for her. Everyone had left her. The people she called friends. Even her family. Even the person she thought would be her hero and help fight off her demons had left. So what was the point? They were already happier without her. She was an unwanted person only taking up space in this crowded world. Then without anything anything to remember her by she left. She left the world that was so cruel to her. She left to finally be in peace. To finally be happy again. To never be shrouded in the darkness that took over her once happy life.  ================================ ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby@Bangtanss@AimeeH@Lexxcisco@SkyBlast@Jaerinn@hskswife@MelissaGarza@SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe@SugaKookieV@LemonLassie@SimplyAwkward@KenyaMendoza@SarahHibbs@EmilyCayetano@twistedPuppy@sarahdarwish ♥My Taglist♥ If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. A @AbbyRoscoe@AdriannaFletc@amandamuska@AmberFranco@AmberRelynn@AnnieGoodman@AraceliJimenez@ArtCrazy@Ashcherue@athomas3339@awkwardjazzy@AyleenChavez B @BabyBaekiee@babymarkson@Baekyeol27@BreHolmes C @CallMeMsDragon@CarolSilva@Cheti96@chisom756@cns1391@CrystalBlunt@CrystalGuerra@CrystalV D @DeeNice@Destiny98@dreemer13@drummergirl691@Dyrinda E @Eli20@elizabeth1234@EmilyGardner@ESwee@EvodiaEbraheem H @Hongbinhyung@hopesforsuga711 I @ibMIMI@IkutoZero@Insfired@IsoldaPazo J @jademarie4567@JadeOwens@JasminMartinez@JaxomB@JessicaEvaristo@Josyy7 K @KaiLuhan4ever@KarenGuerra93@karinamiranda81@kee1999kee@Kpopanime45 L @Lelulgc@LinnyOk@loljan17@lopleaf19@LunaFergus@luvella18 M @MaelstromVIP@makidabebe@maricela17mrn@MaricelvaRomero@MaritessSison@matty0203@Mavis2478@may99@MelissaGarza@merryjayne13@Mogu@MorleeCorielus@MsLoyalHeart N @namjoonxme@nikkynoel@NykeaKing O @otakukpoper P @ParkHwaYoung Q @QueenLele S @sabriWOLF619@Shadyllamas@ShailaZaman@ShannonSaysHey@sierrakuper@SimplyAwkward@SindyHernandez@StarlightV@stevieq@soulofsouls@Spark2015@sugakookies95@Sulgie T @thekpoprealm@tiffany1922@tinytreeleaf@TKOtaku@TracyLynnn@turntuptae Y @YessicaCardenas@yoongiinfiresme@YviLole15 V @VeronicaArtino
Definitely write a part 2 i want to know what happens to hoseok when he finds out
WOW!!! It's a great story. Relatable even. Not in the fact that I'd ever do that but the depression and sorrow. How I feel sometimes. Even how the pills really do make you feel. I'm glad you wrote this. Thank You!!!!❤❤❤😭😭😥
I am sorry that you are going through a tough time but thank you for reading my stories!
wow! it makes you wonder how this effected J-hope 😯
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@hskswife Oh yes in J-Hope POV
Omg 😭😭