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Hello everyone in the Pokemon Community!!! I hope you are all doing well!!!

As the Mod of this Community I'm happy to say that me and my Mods :
Will be working on Weekly events for you guys!! Everyone is welcome to participate

How this will all work is Everyday you will make a Card (except for Wednesday...I'll explain later) For Each day of the week


{GCM} First Generation
*Insert how many image you can*
*Inster what you like about that Pokemon and Why you picked them*

*You must Tag me @ChristiLoveLive, @Riethu and @midnightskieslo if you Participate*

*Then Insert your own Tag list*

For Wednesday!!

Me and my Mods will be making 3 Who's that Pokemon Cards....You will have from 8am - 9pm To participate....How this will work is We make the card and you guys will comment, in the comment box below of your answer then between 9:00pm - 10:00pm will have the answers Posted *I work Wednesday nights so thats why I said those times*

Each Week Will be different! If you guys want to see something happening during the week or you have a fun Idea, you can personally message me or my mods of you idea and we can discuss it when we all have time :)

Thank you and hope to see you all tomorrow

My Pokemon Team

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you and have a Good Day! :)

{L}- @LCordz

{Do Not Copy Tag List, Unless You're One Of My Mods}