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Tzuyu (Zhou Tzuyu) Last but not least!

Tzuyu is the only Taiwanese member, who is the maknae of the group plus she is the face of the group.
She was invited to go to South Korea to train, which she agreed to and JYP entered her into the show ‘SIXTEEN”. She had a problem when she first entered the show because she couldn’t understand fully the Korean language. She is learning how to speak and understand and adapts and learns quickly.

She was born in Tainan, Twaiwan
Tzuyu is the youngest, but the tallest member in TWICE
Tzuyu has an older brother.
In 2015 and 2016 Tzuyu was the face of LG
Her favorite thing to do is travel
She loves puppies
She was spotted by the agency at the MUSE performing Arts workshop.
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