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okay, I am in a good feeling mood... so here is Suga... (This re editing my stories are gunna kill me lol)

BTS Series:

Summary: As they say all good things come to an end... or do they?

Main: OC x Suga
FT. BTS and OCs

“When are you coming back?”
“I'm not…”
“But… Yoongi”
“I'm sorry Evelyn…”

That was the last time I seen him, or I thought.

I awake with the sound of my alarm clock and plus the loud noises my roommates were making, my unnies were always loud but today was a different kind of being loud. Today was the day we all get to see them, when I got to see him… It's been four years, four when he left Chicago.

When the opportunity arose to go to Korea I took it, been here living with my same roommates for two years, and we loved it, my unnie is dating one of the members, and finally bought us tickets for the show, I'm happy that all three of us got had gotten time off from our work and school. I can hear them squealing around and fangirling outside my room. I smiled and got up to join them,

“Evie!!! About time you got up!! We need to get ready like now!!” Emily said excitedly and ran into her room, I laughed at her and looked at my unnie on the couch.

“How long have you guys been up?” I asked her sitting down on the couch.

"Who said we went to bed" she said I shook my head,

"Alex!? Did you take my JHope shirt again!?" I heard Emily yell from her room.

"No...." Alex said before running into the back. I loved these girls they were funny. I got up to go get ready as well when I heard them arguing.

“Just cause he's your boyfriend, doesn't mean you can bag over on my shirt!” Emily said pulling shirts out from her closet.

“Hey! This one is mine, you had Jin’s shirt.” Alex said back I just laughed at them and went to my room.

After I got ready I went to my closet to pull out my shirt, I smiled to see his name printed nicely on the back. I pulled it over my head. And sighed with relief.

“I finally get to see him after all this time.” I said to myself, we heard a knock on the door with Alex screaming she'll get it. I heard excitement and realized it's the other two girls, I went out to the living room to see Sam and Denise, I smiled giving them hugs.

“Too bad we didn't two more we could've totally been a girl version of BTS” Sam laughed. We all agreed laughing, Alex's phone went off in the other room after she ran for it.

“Oppa! I miss you!” Emily mocked from when Hoseok called her the other day,

"Hey! I do not call him oppa!" She yelled back, but we just all giggled and laughed. “Yea, okay,no just three, yes? Okay then, okay! We’ll see you in a bit. I know I have it all packed… okay see you.” She hung up and looked at everyone. “Okay, so I was able to snag three backstage passes.” She said, we all looked at each other.

“So whose going?” Denise asked.

“You three maknaes’” she replied, I had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“What about you two?” Sam asked.

“Sam you forget, Alex and Emily work for BigHit” I said laughing. She laughed and nodded.

“Okay let's go, me and Emily have to be there in 30 mins.” Alex said gathering all of us up. We all get our things Emily and Alex grabbed their staff jackets and badges. I was excited but more importantly nervous.. what if he don't remember me?


“Yoongi?” I said, he looked over at me and smiled

“What is it Evie?” He said. We were sitting in a restaurant cause he wanted to go out before he left, but something was off about this night.

“You won't forget me when you leave will you?” I asked, feeling like it was selfish of me to ask, but I needed to know. He sighed and grabbed my hands

“Evie, I like you, I won't ever forget you, even if…” he said trailing off,

“Even if? Your coming back right?” I asked He shook his head and sighed again,

“I'm not…” he trailed off again.

“But, Yoongi” I said to him, he held my hand tighter and kissed them.

“I'm sorry Evelyn.” He said apologizing. After that night he took me home and kissed my head, “I won't forget you Evie, I promised.” He said, he turned around and walked down the pathway, and disappeared from sight. I felt heartbroken, but I wouldn't forget my first love.

“Evie?” I looked up at Emily.

“Hmm?” I said, lookin around and realized we were in a parking lot. Emily smiled and grabbed my hand.

“Are you okay?” She asked. I nodded.

“Actually unnie, did you ever have a first love?” I asked her she smiled and laughed a little.

“Of course, you can never forget your first love.” She replied. “It's Yoongi isn't it?” She said I looked up at her confused.

“Alex told me, she said when she was with Hoseok, he told her that Yoongi went back to the states looking for his first love, but he returned sad, he told him that she was gone.” She said, I looked at her, and looked at Alex.

“He went back for me.” I said smiling, but upset cause I wasn't there. Does he know I'm here?

“Hobie~” I heard Alex say as her and Emily walked off into the direction that Hobie and Jimin were walking. I could hear Sam and Denise freaking out as I just laughed at them.
Out of all the boys Hobie, Jimin and Namjoon were the only ones that would come over to the house, but I wouldn't know if anymore of the guys did cause I was mostly at school.

“This is Sam and Denise.” Emily said introducing them to the guys. They all bowed and said hello. Already Hobie had his arm Alex as they had their moment together, it's only been a couple months and the work in the same place, but with promotions they are professional about their jobs. “Let's go in.” Emily said. We all nodded.

For Emily, she's is dating someone, an idol at that but she won't tell us. Me and Alex thinks it's probably Leo from VIXX since she got to work with them. But who knows.

Before we knew it, we were inside already, I looked at the passes that were given to us, Alex told to go ahead head over to the VIP area, it was close to the stage and we were happy about it. They were helping setting up, the concert didnt start until 7pm and it was only one in the afternoon, but we didnt mind. We've had staff and their manager come up and ask if we were okay or if we needed anything, we politly told them no, and that we were okay.

After awhile Emily came back to check on us and asked if we wanted to come back and meet the guys. We agreed and followed her. This was the moment where Ill come face to face with him. Cause its like what Emily said, you never forget who your first love is.

"Hey guys these are our friends, Sam, Denise and-"

"Evelyn?" Yoongi said interupting Emily

I guess I thought wrong.

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