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Fanfic for valentines day.
Leads: Jung Hoseok (Jhope) Park Jimin Stefani (Stef) and Isolda (Sol)
Stef and Sol are best friends in high school. THey also happen to be the toughest girls in school. Constantly fighting and not making any head way in school. Will they graduate or will they fail?

Before they knew it time flew by and the girls were heading to the library for their tutoring session. Both girls feeling nervous the closer they got.
"Aish! I can't believe this." Sol exclaimed.
"I know, but we both dont want to repeat our senior year." Stef replied. Sol runs her hands through her hair and sighs. "I know but why did it have to be them?" She said.
"I know. Maybe this is our punishment for always fighting. We are just going to have to stomp our feelings down." Stef said.
"Yeah cause we aready know those boys are way out of our league." Sol replies with a hint of sadness. Stef mirrors her sadness.
"Yeah. We are brash and violent and we both lack study skills and those are both sweet and smart and well mannered." Stef replies sadly. Stef stands up straight with a determined face.
"We are going to ignore our feelings and get this studying over with." Stef said. Sol nods.
They stand outside the door both taking a deep breath to calm their frantic hearts and open the doors calmly. They enter the library and scan the room till they spot the boys, no men. With one last deep breath their face takes on a bored expression. The girls pull out a chair and plops down unladylike. Hoseok looks over at us and smiles. Stefs heart skipped at beat at his angelic smile. Turning her face away to hide her rising blush.
"Lets get this over with." Sol spoke up. We all jump at the sudden sound.
"R-right" Jimin stuttered out. They all pull out our books and set to work.
After what seem like forever they all decided to call it quits.
"You girls pretty much got the gist of it. I dont know why the teacher need you two tutored." Hoseok said looking slightly confused.
"I think it was more on the lines of doing homework together. We never turn in our homework." Stef said shrugging.
"How come?" Jimin asked.
"We are just lazy and dont feel like doing it." Sol said.
"Dont you girls want to graduate?" Hoseok asked.
"Yeah we do. Thats why we agreed to this 'tutoring'." Stef said making finger quotes. The library got silent as everyone gets lost in thought. Stef breaks the silence by speaking,
"We will get going guys. We will see you tomorrow at school." The girls gather their stuff and stand up. As they turn to go two different set of hands reach out. One grabbing Stefs wrist the other grabbing Sols. The girls look over at the men in surprise their eyes widening and their faces turning red.
"What is it?" Stef asked. Hoseok and Jimin look up at the girls. A confidence in their gazes that werent their earier. The guys share a brief glace then looks back at them.
"Will you girls go out this Saturday and be our Valentines?" Hoseok speaks with confidence though his eyes show a hint of fear. The girls stared at them dumbfounded at the suddenness of the request. Jimin spoke up next as if reading their expressions.
"I know this seems so sudden for you." He bites his lip as he seems to debate something internally. He looks back up nervously.
"Um..We have a confession to make.." Jimin starts and Hoseok picks up "we asked the teacher to set this study date up for us." Hoseok looks nervous. Stef and Sol both seem to think the worse as they yank their wrist free feeling tears well up in their eyes. The guys look at them surprised. Stef and Sol turn away from them and as the girls get ready to rush out.
"Wait!" the men shout in unison. Stef and Sol turn around as tears slid down their cheeks. The men stared at them for a second before they came forward and pulled the girls into their arms. Stef in Hoseoks arms and Sol in Jimins.
"Please dont misunderstand" Jimin spoke softly.
"We asked the teacher to help us because we were to scared to ask you ourselves." Hoseok continues as loosen his hold some so he could lift her face up ad look her in her watery eyes "We really like you girls. We have liked you girls since 1st year." Hoseok looks over at Jimin as he continues where Hoseok left off.
"We asked the teacher if she could set up this study session for us so we could tell you how we felt" Jimin takes a deep breath.
"Sol the first time i noticed you was during the beginning of school. I was walking to school when i heard laugher and looked over and noticed the most beautiful girl i ever laid eyes on playing with children on the playground. You had dirt on your uniform and your cheek but it didnt cover up your beauty. If anything it made you even more beautiful." Jimin finished smiling down at Sol. Using his thumb to wipe her tears away. Sol tears came down faster but they were tears of happiness.
"Sol will you do me the honor of being mine?" Jimin asked. Sol jumps up and hugs him.
"Yes" she exclaimed. Hoseok and Stef turn back to each other.
"I also noticed you at the beginning of school. I was riding my bike through the park, when I saw you sitting on a bench with your head thrown back and your eyes closed and the sun illuminating you as if you were a angel on earth. You were so relaxed even though you had a bruised cheek. You were beyond beautiful and so angelic. I was going to approach you but you suddenly stood up and started running. I realized we were almost late that day." Hoseok gave a soft laugh. His hand gentle brushing back her hair. "I would be the happiest man if you agree to be mine." He said. Stef throat clogged with unshed tears as she nods her head.
They were standing infront of the big front window in the library as the sun shone through the windows illuminating the newly made couples. As if blessing the union. Each couple shared a kiss as the sun shone.
They all retell the story to their children of their union. The children look on to there parents with pride and happiness. After all these years they all are very much still in love. The children dream that one day they will find love like their parents as well.


Hope you enjoyed. annyeong haseyo 안녕