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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung
What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)
Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes..


You were twisted but right now you knew what you wanted.

You wanted him.

Any time you got drunk though, you had a taste for women too. Catlynn tried distracting you from the panic that settled in when you started thinking about what Ju Kyung was doing. Attending to some business didn't mean much to you. For all you knew, Ju Kyung could've been with Taehyun trying to kill him now. The fear of his life crashing down around him or Tarhyun coming for you again was unbearable. Ju Kyung being killed in the process was even harder for you to take. When you started freaking out, Catlynn decided to distract you with alcohol. The waiter was surprised about the order considering the time of day but Catlynn had him bring it anyway. Now with you good and drunk, you were horny and she was kissing you. Ju Kyung looked upset with both the condition you were in and the fact that you were kissing Catlynn which never seemed to bother him before. You just played with women he knew that. You felt no romantic emotion towards them what so ever. Women were just fun and soft to touch. Ju Kyung led you out of the resturant never getting food himself. You noticed the blood on his hand and you stopped walking.

"What happened to your hand?" you asked.

He looked down at his hands to see what you were saying. He saw the cut and sighed.

"Nothing baby it's not deep. Let's just go." he said.

"Make sure you follow me." Catlynn said.

He nodded and led you to the car. Where she was leading you two, you had no idea. Ju Kyung hadn't said a word to you though. You got nervous even in your drunk state.

"Are you mad at me?" You asked.

"No baby, just a little annoyed. You shouldn't be drinking right now."

"Are you two going to punish me?"

A stop light popped up and he stopped the car. He looked at you and cupped your cheek.

"No baby. You're not my pet so I can't."

"Do you want to?"

"A little." he said.

You sighed and looked away. He started driving again when the light turned green.

"Y/N I'm not sure if that's something that'll ever change about me. I'm a sadist and a control freak. Even now I just want you to listen to me. I love you but I'm more woried about hurting you."

"So you'll have sex with me but I can't be your girlfriend and you won't make me your pet. That's not fair. You can't get upset at me and want me to listen if I can't be yours." you said.

"You are mine Y/N. You're always mine, you always will be. I'm yours too, as much of me as you want I belong to you. I love you and I haven't given anyone else that type of power over me but I've given it to you."

"I- I- don't know what else to say. I just really want to have sex right now." you said.

"Do you want her?"

"I want you, I want to play with her."

He smiled a bit.

"Why does that make you happy?" you asked.

"I was a little worried you were falling for her. I think she's falling for you." he said.

"I keep telling you I don't like women as much as you think I do. I'd rather get stuck real good than grind on a vagina to cum."

He started laughing.

"Women are just soft and nice and boobs are fun to play with and squeeze."

"Don't I know." he smirked.

You looked at him with a smile of your own.

"Sometimes adding in another woman makes things fun. I like sex and I liked having fun. It doesn't matter who I sleep with to have fun. At the end of the day though- I'd like it if the person I fell asleep next to was you."

He turned to look at you for a second. He smiled warmly and looked back at the road. His hand was still bleeding and you wondered what he did to make that happen. He didn't seem willing to share though. There was still a side to Ju Kyung's life you knew nothing about but when he said he'd kill someone you saw the animal look in his eyes. Those eyes told you he meant it. He would actually kill Taehyun.

You two arrived at a large lake house type building and Catylnn welcomed you both in. She walked you into a large living room that had a long tan couch, a fire place already lit and a fur rug sitting just below a glass table. With your shoes already off, Catlynn took you deeper into the living room and sat you down. Ju Kyung watched you as you watched her.

"Ju Kyung let's make your bunny happy." she said.

She pushed the table out of the way and then turned to Ju Kyung. She noticed his hand and sighed.

"First aid kit is in the bathroom under the sink."She said.

He nodded and headed for the bathroom. Catlynn didn't question the wound. Did she know what business Ju Kyung went to attend to?

She came over to you and pulled off her shirt. Her breast slightly bouncing in her pink lace bra. She came over to you and straddled your lap. She placed your hands on her waist and she began to grind on you. Your heart already started racing from the pure arousal in you. She looked you in the eyes the same way she always did when you two practiced. She bit her lip and in turn you bit yours getting more turned on.

"You like that baby?" she said in a breathless moan,

You nodded unable to speak. Your hands rounded to her ass and pulled her harder onto you. She took off her bra and dropped it on the side of the couch, she placed her hands on your shoulders and started grinding on you faster and harder with louder moans. Her breast bouncing in your face was turning you on and you leaned up to kiss, lick and suck on them. She stopped for a moment to let you suck on her. Your mouth came off one side with a popping sound then fell on the other breast. Her hand reached down your shirt and teased your nipples, making them perk up and beg for attention. She leaned down to taste your lips and even as you heard Ju Kyung's foot steps come back in, you two still stayed locked into the passionate steamy kiss. She stood up and you pulled down her shorts slowly revealing her pink thong matching the bra she tossed to the side. She kissed you while your hand met the string of her thong and you pulled it down. Ju Kyung had walked up behind you and reached down your shirt with the hand he didn't injure. He kissed your neck and you heard his laboured breaths meet your ear. He kissed the back of your neck and his lips were so soft on your skin you couldn't help but moan a little. Catlynn had your fingers meet her heat while you licked at her naked breast. Your tongue circled around a nipple moving smoothly but became more aggresive the more Ju Kyung's hands were on you. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it off of you and tossed it to the side. He looked up at Catlynn and said,

"Take off her panties."

She nodded even more turned on by his voice, so demanding and in control the way he liked it. She pulled at your pants trying to get them to yank down so that she could reveal your wet heat waiting for their tongues.

"Fuck she wanted this so bad Ju Kyung. Look how wet she is." she smiled.

Ju Kyung's finger swiped up your slit making you moan and you watched him lick up the sweetness he stole from your folds. He looked so sexy doing that you almost lost your breath. You became needy and leaned forward to bring his lips over yours. You kissed him hungry and needing all of him to yourself but knowing you had to share. He led her head down to your core and she began to lick you up while you two kissed. You moaned into his mouth. His hand came and played in the short strands of your remaining hair. He gripped what he could and yanked your head back and licked up your neck making you release a deep moan into the air.

"Fuck." you breathed so turned on.

Catlynn's tongue worked quick on your clit, flicking back and forth, teasing and torturing your sensitve little nub. You felt her finger enter you as she continued to lick you up. Ju Kyung moved down from your lips to bite your neck and shoulders, then your breast and stomach until he found your heat right next to Catlynn. His finger pushed in with hers and they both kept moving their fingers in you in different ways, making you scream into the room. Both their tongues were on your clit and you weren't even sure if you could be angry at the fact that his tongue was meeting hers on your clit. It was better than the pups on your first night at the club. Your legs pulled up the deeper into the pleasure you got.

"Oh my god, yes right there. Please don't stop." you whined and moaned.

Catlynn's lips wrapped around your clit to suck you and her finger left your heat so that Ju Kyung could push two of his fingers inside of you.

"Don't cum yet Y/N. You need to wait baby."

"Yes master." you quickly said.

He chuckled at the fact that you were still calling him master. He curled his fingers up inside you and you moaned loudly, your back arching off the couch as Catlynn continued to suck on your clit. She came off your clit to rub circles on it.

"She loves it so much Ju Kyung, what are we going to do with her?" Catlynn purred.

Ju Kyung looked down at Catlynn with a sneaky smile and said,

"We're gonna fuck her. Fuck her until her body's shaking like an earthquake."

She giggled and bit her lip. She stood up and you were picked up by Ju Kyung and laid on the floor. Catlynn placed her knees by your shoulders with her heat over your face. Your hands met her thighs. She was facing Ju Kyung and you slightly wondered if they'd kiss. You wanted to watch but you also didn't want them kissing. You wanted him to focus on you but you couldn't ask that, you didn't even want to sport an attitude, this was way too good. You started licking at her heat. Her folds were just as wet as your were and she tasted sweet, the faint taste of pineapples lingered in your mouth while you continued to lap her up. The distinct sound of wet licks filled your ear and then the sound of a belt being undone. You heard the sound of his shirt and jacket falling to the ground. You knew his pants were off or at the very least pulled down when you felt his heat rub against your clit.

"You want this bunny?" he teased.

You humed on her heat while licking her up to give your confirmation. Catlynn chuckled and teased you more coming down on your face to smother you a little.

"That didn't sound enthusiastic enough little bunny. Do you want his hard, thick fucking cock inside that tight little hole of yours?"

Her words spurred you on more and you hummed loud and excited on her lips while your hips wiggled for him to enter you. Catlynn laughed,

"Oh she wants it. Give her, her prize Ju Kyung." she said.

You felt him push inside you quickly and just start moving inside you. You arched up a little and stuck your tongue inside of Catlynn. You heard her gasp and then she shuddered at the feeling of your tongue fucking her.

"Oh my god she's so good." Catlynn said.

You continued pushing your tongue in and out of her moving it like a gecko. Your warm wet muscle swirled around her rim as your hand moved around to her ass and smacked her butt. Her butt was round and just a bit bigger than yours. The way her flesh felt against your finger tips was absolutely delicious it made your tongue work harder. Your hands played with her fat ass, moving it around and smacking it; with each smack, she moaned harder and louder. Ju Kyung focused on your body. Both his hands were on your waist and his hips were attacking your heat. He was fucking you so damn hard you were moaning hard as you were eating her out. She was coming close to her edge and started to pick herself up from your face and you took the time to take in deep breaths while your breast jiggled up and down from the fast and hard fucking Ju Kyung was giving you. He lifted your ass up so he could get deeper and you whined when he started hitting a beautiful spot threatening to make you see stars. Catlynn had come down and kissed you upside down her hands fondled your jiggling breast. Her tongue swirled around in your mouth and caressed your tongue while she pinched your nipples. Ju Kyung pulled out of you and in a rush he lifted you up and flipped you around to all fours. He pushed back into your heat with no hesitation at all andCatlynn kissed you while she fingered herself. You were being fucked so hard, it felt wonderful. Your hand came to your clit to add to the sensations. You were being kissed and rammed into amazingly hard while you teased your own clit and it felt so good.

"Master please cum inside me." you moaned.

Catlynn hummed amused,

"She wants your seed all inside her Ju Kyung. What are you going to do?"

"Im gonna fucking give it to her." He groaned while going harder in you.

"Fucking cum for me bunny. Squeeze me so fucking tight." he groaned through girtted teeth.

You didn't need anymore comfirmation you simply obeyed. Your body wanted to cum so bad and your hips started moving faster with him, his dick slamming into you hitting that wonderful spot that had you seeing stars.

"Ju Kyung!" you screamed.

Catlynn came and kissed you furiously then her lips and tongue found your neck while Ju Kyung took the other side of your neck to kiss and lick. Having both on you like that, right after such a powerful orgasm had you screaming loud and your body quaking. Your hands came up to touch her breast while they both ravished your body. With both you and Ju Kyung having reached a release Catlynn was the last one to take care of. You quickly pushed her down and crawled over her. Your leg went over hers and you two started to rub your heats together. She moaned happily at the feeling of you pleasing her. Your hips worked in sync moving in circles against each other. Your rim was aching for him to pound into you a little more. You two kept grinding and grinding, the sensation building up and your hand ran through her hair. Your mouths hung open while you two panted.

"Come on, Come on. I wanna make you cum so bad." you moaned.

"Oh fuck bunny, come on make me cum. Give me that beautiful pussy."She moaned.

She gripped your thighs and came closer to you to grind harder. She got on top of you getting you to the floor so she could fuck you faster. She moaned loudly into the room and you felt her body jerk as she reached her orgasm. She kept grinding up against you in broken motions. All three of you had come down from your highs and you looked up at Ju Kyung. You sat up to get to him and you pushed him down to sit. He leaned up against the couch and you straddled him and placed him inside of you. His hands met your hips and he said,

"Aren't you tired bunny?"

You shook your head,

"I want more of you." you said.

You started moving slowly up and down his body. His hands guided you as you moved and you felt him stiffen back up more. You shuddered at the feeling of him growing in you. You kissed his neck while you moved slowly on him. His hands met your ass to squeeze and you breathed lightly against his lips. His legs raised up so you could lean back a bit but you wanted to be this close to him. You wanted to taste him on your lips.

"I love you baby." he whispered to you.

You wanted to say it back, like how you wanted to say it in the car but you couldn't, for some reason it wasn't coming out. You kissed him instead and started moving harder on him. Your hips rolling and grinding against him a bit harder. He let out an exhale that said he wanted more. He yanked your hips and guided how hard and how fast he wanted you. You were bouncing up and down on him and it felt so good. Your body going up and down, feeling him rub your walls and reaching for that perfect spot but almost to tease you, the angle you were in didn't hit it just right. You finally leaned back resting your hands on his thighs and started moving up and down like that. He came over on top of you and lifted your leg. He came over you and started rocking into you. His other hand came to your neck and pulled you up. You were moaning in his face, your mouth open wanting him to kiss you deeply but he gave you quick kisses mostly his tongue swiping across yours.

"Oh fuck. Right there." you whined.

"You like that bunny? I can go so deep like this." he moaned.

"Yes fuck me harder."

"Play with that little clit of yours. Cum quick baby." he said.

He kissed you and kept riding into your body. He licked your lips and pecked them. You gripped onto him and you came again. You were so sensitive, your leg shook and it felt so amazing. You looked him deep in the eyes and he stared back into yours. He pushed your bangs out of your face. You both were sweating and your hair was sticking to your face. None of that mattered, just the way he looked at you.

"Ju Kyung." you whispered.

He pulled out of you and you let him go and sat up. You came to his dick and licked up his tip he sighed and his head went back. His hand went to your head as you started to lick up his shaft. Your tongue trailed from the bottom of his dick all the way to his tip. You continued to lick his head and Catlynn came over to kiss down your stomach. You licked his head and Catlynn licked your folds. She licked your clit making you moan a little as she did.

"Enough bunny." he said lifting you up from him,

You came to his face and shook your head. It wasn't enough. You didn't know why it wasn't enough but your body was begging for him. Catlynn kept licking you, making you rock on her face but you wanted him. Your hand went to his face but your other hand went to her hair. You kissed him wanting his lips so bad. You wanted him. You stopped Catlynn from licking you up and you sat down. You were breathing heavy but you didn't feel good.

"Y/N?" he asked.

"I feel funny." you said.

"Funny how?" he asked.

"I feel like I need to throw up."

Catlynn helped you get up carefully and led you to the bathroom. You fell to your knees as soon as you got in there. You threw up and felt kind of weak because of it. You leaned against the bath tub.

"How much did I drink?" you groaned.

"For now, maybe you should stay away from the alcohol sweet bunny." Catlynn chuckled.

She gave you a hand and helped you stand up. You looked to the bathroom door and took her hand to stand up. You were feeling tired too.

"Y/N let's go. I'm taking you home." Ju Kyung said.

You nodded and walked into his arms. He held you for a moment and stroked the back of your head. You were tired now anyway. He helped you get dressed again and he dressed afterwards with Catlynn. Catlynn brushed your hair back.

"Are you going to be okay?" She asked.

"Yeah I just need some sleep, I probably had too much to drink." you said.

She nodded and Ju Kyung took you to the car. He opened your door and helped you in the car. You started to fall asleep the moment he closed the door....

"You're such a fucking slut!"

You heard Taehyun's scream come from behind you.

"You're just an idiot. You didn't even listen to me before you started making assumptions." you shot back.

He grabbed you by the arm and turned you around to face him.

"What the fuck did you say to me?" he snapped.

"I'm done with you. That's all that matters."

That wasn't what he wanted to hear and that's not what you should've said. He pushed you down the stairs and you rolled just after hitting the bottom. Your hand went to your stomach and you started shaking. You tried sitting up and you looked down at your stomach.

"No no. Please."

You weren't saying it to Taehyun you were saying it to your baby. You didn't want to lose it. You were begging for it to be okay. Taehyun had come down to you in your moment of panic but he was so upset he started kicking you.

"No!" you cried.

He kicked and kicked and all you could do was cry. You felt pain wrap your stomach and you felt your heart stop with the thought that you had failed at protecting your baby. You cried hard to the point words wouldnt come out. Your stomach was killing you because he had kicked you so hard in it. You wanted to scream and throw things at him but you couldn' t move just cry while you laid on the floor. Taehyun grabbed you by your hair and lifted you up by it.

"I can't fucking stand you bitch." he yelled at you.

"Stop!" You yelled.

You jumped up and looked around seeing yourself in Ju Kyung's room. You looked down at your body and then at the sheets. You took a deep breath and sighed realizing you were back in his room and out of your dreams. You were alone though and it felt so odd to be there alone. You stepped out of the bed and looked at yourself. You saw that he had changed your clothes. You walked out of the room and heard Ju Kyung talking on the phone.

"Just let him go. Right now he isn't the one I'm concerned about. The rest of Taehyun's shipments should be destroyed though. I want everything and everyone that works for him killed." Ju Kyung said.

What was he thinking?

Taehyun wouldn't let that go lightly. You didn't even know what shipment he was talking about but if it was something of Taehyun's you knew for sure that it was going to cause more trouble. You walked downstairs slowly and as lightly as possible but he heard you coming and turned around to see you. He gave you a small smile and said,

"Hey baby give me one second."

You nodded and stood in the middle of the stairs. He walked over to you and up the stairs while finishing the call.

"Yeah just have it on my desk by Monday. I'm out all week." He said.

He came and cupped your cheek and gave you a little kiss.

"Alright, just get it done. Goodbye." he said.

He hung up the phone and brushed your hair down.

"How are you feeling? You still look a bit odd, you must not have slept well."

"Who were you talking to?" you asked ignoring his concern.

He looked at you and sighed,

"It's nothing baby." he said.

He stepped up higher until he was on the step just below you so you two were eye to eye. Your hand came to his chest and you noticed he had showered already. The sun was set lower, you had been asleep for hours. You probably still needed a shower yourself.

"Do you hide things from me because you don't trust me?" you asked.

"It's not that baby." he said.

"Then what? Where did you get the scar from Ju Kyung? Who hurt you?"

"I can honestly say that I did this myself I broke a glass. I'm trying to protect you that's all."

"By starting a war with him? Are you going after Taehyun? I did the restraining order already why are you trying to do this?" you asked.

"You and I both know when he finds out about the restraining order he won't stop there. I'm merely doing things to keep him occupied. He has no power if he has no money and the way to take his money is to burn it all to the ground. Everything he's done to you Y/N, he deserves to suffer. He's going to lose everything."

"You might too."

"It's worth it."


"Because I love you." he said matter of factly.

He loved you so much he didn't care about everything he bled and fought for falling to the ground because of you? Was that what love was? Making such a foolish and reckless decisoin? You coulnd't be worth everything he built. You couldn't be worth more than his life. Ju Kyung could lose everything going after Taehyun, he was only pissing him off more but he didn't care. He made it seem like it was apart of his plan. It might have been too. Still it was dangerous to try and go after Taehyun, even his men were well trained.

"Ju Kyung he'll kill you." you said worried.

"He can try but I promise you Y/N. I mean this, Taehyun will die long before me and he will die by my hand."

"Ju Kyung."

"Shush bunny. You're all worried now which is why I didn't want to tell you what was going on. Anyway, Jay is having some banquet thursday and it's a masqurade. He invited us." he said.

"I don't want to go. My hair's- I don't want to."

He kissed your forehead.

"My sweet little bunny, you look beautiful even with short hair. Let's take you out to have some fun. We can enjoy the party and you can go wild all you want as long as you don't touch any men." he warned.

You nodded. He smiled and scoopped you up in his arms suprising you as he did. He carried you up the stairs and back to the Master bedroom.

"Go ahead and wash up and brush your teeth. I'll put a movie on." he said.

You nodded and walked into the bathroom but left the door open. You didn't want to be alone and that feeling would reach you as long as you couldn't see him and you were stuck in a room by yourself...

Ju Kyung's POV

He didn't want to lie her he just didn't want her knowing the whole truth yet. Minjun was being let go despite wanting to hold onto him longer. He actually wanted Minjun to meet up with Taehyun though. Ju Kyung wasn't an idiot he set up a bug in Taehyun's office before he left, it was quite easy to sneak in there too. When Minjun met up with Taehyun to discuss why Y/N wasn't dead he would be able to hear what Taehyun's plan was. Taehyun wasn't a man you could just kill and move on from. Taehyun was as important and as known in the world as Ju Kyung himself and all eyes would settle on him and who killed him. In a way, he understood why Y/N was so worried about him but he wasn't going to sit idly by while she got threatened and hurt. His men were going to be asigned the next few days to watch them carefully and then after that watch her closely. This time she wasn't to be let out of their sight not even if she went to the bathroom. He had his female workers assigned to her too. The men were given strict orders not to touch her if she was in trouble unless it was absolutely necessary but he perferred the women take care of her if Minjun, Taehyun or any of their men should show up to try and hurt her. He wasn't going to let anything happen to her.

Something was different about the way she looked at him in Catlynn's place though. She seemed like she wanted to say something but she didn't know how. He wanted to ask but not infront of Catlynn. She kept the door open as she showered and he didn't know if that was an invite in or if she was afraid to be alone. She didn't seem like she slept well, even if he killed Taehyun in reality he still ruled her in her dreams.

That he was powerless to stop...

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