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Second Chapter is up and Ready! Posting a little early, to end the weekend really lol. Plus I happy that BTS had their song come out today! lol.
Okay So there are scenes and language not sutable for those under 19, Please be warned!.
(Pics and tag be up in a bit!)

In the classroom I kept zoning out. I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep the night before, staying up doing all my homework and than working on dances. I stayed up close to 3 in the morning working on making sure all the steps were correct, and when I finally got it right only than did I actually go to bed.

“You know you shouldn’t fall asleep during class” Namjoon’s voice whispered next to me. He had started sitting next to me for the past couple days. I was still trying to get used to it.
“Hmm, if I wasn’t up all night dancing I wouldn’t be sleeping in class” I sighed turning my head to look at him.
“You should not be partying all night” Namjoon advised making me chuckle.
“If only, no I was working on a routine I’m doing for class” I told him.
“Really? Are you in a choreography class?” he questioned.
“Duh, I’m here to learn Dancing, I take these classroom ones to get the general education out of the way” I told him.
“So no nightclubs” Namjoon questioned. I chuckled and grinned.
“No, besides your not paying attention, your writing something else” I said looking down at his paper.
“Lyrics, actually rap.” he said.
“Hmm, can I?” I asked leaning forward over his paper.
I was close enough to him that I felt his shoulder right by my ear, I could hear his intake of breath.
I read a few lines and smiled, this looked like really good lyrics.
“So you do this during class?” I slanted my eyes to look at him.
His hand went around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.
“I don’t do it all the time, only when i have it running through my brain” He whispered to me.
“You know you should show me your dance” Namjoon said randomly.
“Why’s that?” I pulled back slightly so that I could look at his face. I was still faced forward, but my eyes were completely on him.
“I have a couple friends who dance. But they are all guys” he said making me frown.
“What does that have to do with seeing me dance?” I questioned.
“I want to see your routine” he said
“Alright fine, if you come to the studio at 3. I booked the room for two hours to practice” I told him.
“Three o’clock” he nodded.
“Alright, now stay awake U/N, were still in class” Namjoon grinned.
“Hmm, I will” I nodded.
I rested my head on my hand, just for a moment I closed my eyes, still listening to teacher go over notes.

Namjoon entered the studio room after me, I was watching myself dance in the mirror, making sure my posture was correct. I was doing a ballet routine, one of the genre’s I had a choreography quiz in. I was working on it when Namjoon entered.
“You look like you have already started” Namjoon said making me turn to him.
“Oh yes, I got here a little while ago” I said.
“A leotard? Really?” he cocked an eyebrow making me chuckle.
“And pointed toe shoes” I said lifting my leg up and showing him. My leg extended out towards him and before i could drop my first back to the ground he caught it and held onto my ankle.
“Black toe shoes? I thought they only came in pink?” Namjoon questioned.
“Yes, I liked the black ones better than the pink” I said trying to pull my foot away from him, but his grip was tight.
“Punk princess?” He cocked his eyebrow in question again.
“As if, scuff marks show less on the black than the pink” I said. I was loosing my balance. His other hand came up to my leg and trailed up, his fingers walking with two fingers than he yanked at my leg and in an instant his hand was around my waist and my knee was resting on his shoulder. He had lifted me off the ground.
“Black looks good on you” he whispered a breath away from my lips. His gaze was heated as they stared at my mouth, and than I felt his mouth against mine.
“You should move” Namjoon groaned.
“Move?” I questioned. His hips grinded his pelvis into me making my body shudder.
“Do you know how much I want in you right now?” his husky tone made me shudder.

“You should get up, hey U/N, get up” his voice was no longer husky.
“Hmm, I don’t want to me” I moaned.
“U.N” He was shaking me now.
My eye’s fluttered open and I was back in the classroom.
“U/N you need to get up, class is over” Namjoon said shaking me.
“Hmm, I’m awake, I’m awake” I repeated sitting up right.
“Heh, you know you talk in your sleep” Namjoon said getting up.
“Really what did I say?” I asked gathering my notebooks and books
“Punk princess” he grinned. Those cute little dimples came out and I couldn’t help but smile back at him.
“What were you dreaming about?” he asked as I stood up.
“I don’t remember” I turned away so he couldn’t see my blush
“Yea, sure you don’t” He said. “Still on for after school?” he asked as we walked out of the classroom.
“Yea, still on” I smiled at him. “See you than, room 11” I added turning to face him as I walked backwards down the hall. Namjoon shook his head at my action.

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