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Hello Lovelies, so if you have seen, I have been Asked by the lovely @Bangtanss to join the House of Disquietude. We are in charge to bring you angst and completely shatter your feels. It is my pleasure to present to you my story, 'Only Memories Remain.'

If you are curious as to what the House of Disquietude is, here is the link.

Let's begin:
Jocelyn woke up as she wiped the sleep from her eyes. Usually, her husband Takuya would be right around her. Not today. Atleast he hadn't for a bit. She figured he was out at the studio having guy time with his long time friends and group members. What better way to see him than make him his favourite food and take it to him. After all, he really enjoyed her cooking. She wasn't the best at making food from his culture, but he enjoyed seeing her try cause she was adamant to get it right. Something was off about the house. Jocelyn couldn't put her finger on it though.

As she walked to the kitchen she was having trouble trying to cook. Her grip wasn't catching, almost as if she was going straight through it. She tried again, but to no avail. This was weird. Everything she touched, or tried to, she couldn't grip. Naturally this caused her to freak out more. Where was Tak? Maybe he could explain. She had to find him. For some reason, the house was solemn, encapsulated in sadness. She was determined to get answers. Running out her door, she had one goal, to get to Takuya. She tried to call for a cab, but none answered her.

"These cabs are so damn rude. Good thing it's fairly easy to walk too."

She started fast pacing towards the studio. A few minutes of walking, she finally arrived. There were more cars than usual, and flowers set up everywhere. It was unusually quiet and people looked sad. A particular person was sitting on the floor. He looked lifeless, and lost. Never in their 7 year marriage had she seen him in this state. Tears started flowing as she ran up to him.

"Dear, please don't cry."

She expected him to hug her, why wasn't he acknowledging her existence?

"TikTak, baby, I'm here."

Still not one response from him. This wasn't normal. He always made her feel loved anytime he saw Jocelyn. Even when they weren't together. No matter what, Takuya let her know she was his. As a matter of fact, everyone usually acknowledged her, but it was different today.

"He can't hear or see you."

She turned to the voice that spoke to her.


The figure pointed past him, to a portion of the room that she missed when she entered. She slowly turned around and saw a picture of her with flowers and gifts surrounding. Walking up to the memorial, she also saw photos of them. Photos of their first Date at an amusement park, anniversary, proposal, and wedding. All these photos sparked memories that flooded her mind. These were all beautiful memories that they, as a married couple, would only have. No more memories would ever be made again. This was it. She knew it, he knew it, everyone did. They were supposed to grow old together, and begin raising a beautiful family. Takuya had just made his wish to her, to finally carry out his family line, and them work on expanding their little family. He wanted a little girl that would turn out like Jocelyn. All of her characteristics; even her flaws. He felt like the richest guy in tje world, and was blessed. He wanted to have a child, so it could be a part of her. Takuya adored her, and wanted to give her the world. Now, his world was shattered and in shambles. She reached out to touch the photo, with her fingers falling on his face. Jocelyn couldn't understand what possibly brought them to this manner. This was not supposed to happen. This was too hard to grasp. She looked around the room and noticed her family standing in the corner. Her parents were there, with her siblings and grandparents. Her dad, didn't approve of Takuya at first. He always had the thought that since Takuya was living the fast life of an Idol, Takuya would leave Jocelyn heartbroken. It took him years to come around to their marriage, only wanting to protect her. Her father saw that Takuya made her the happiest she had ever been, so he accepted him, eventually. He had Takuya in an embrace showing support to his son-in-law. It was a bittersweet occasion. She was glad to see her father supporting her husband, but it was a desolate circumstance. Taking all of this in at once was undeniably overwhelming.

Tears fell down her cheeks more. It was her that broke his heart. She broke the number one vow in her heart, that she made the day of their wedding; she destroyed him. For the first time also, she was the reason for his sorrow. The smile that used to curve his lips showing nothing but happiness, was gone. She never wanted to see this in her life. Looking at Takuya crying on the floor surrounded by their friends and family, shattered her heart into a million pieces. Jocelyn had no idea what even caused this or how it happened. Even his best friend that found her strongly and strangely annoying looked like he was lost. This let her know that she was more than just Takuya's wife, she was his other half. Shin felt sorrow cause his friends world was drastically changed forever. Sometimes they would argue, but it wasn't nothing but pure fun. Jocelyn knew that Shin was the next best thing to happen to him besides her and his group.

The love and support that Takuya was receiving was also bittersweet. She sat down next to him wiping her tears away, wanting to caress his cheek.

"Why did I destroy him? What did I do?" She cried out.

"It's not completely your fault, but I can't tell you anything about what has happened. That is the answer you must seek for yourself. Only then will everything make sense."

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