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I really wasn't into this song in the beginning but now I am so in love.

It's still hella annoying, but something about it makes me SO HAPPY.

Who else thinks this is a jam?

It's still taking time to grow on me. Russian Roulette finally got me, though. :D
I also didn't like it at first, I thought the chorus was meh. But now the chorus gets me every time!!!! Plus I like the dance during the chorus part too! I'm hooked!
I also wasn't too into it at first but now it's stuck in my head 24/7! If you find it annoying, someone on youtube made an rearranged version of it to take out some of the "Rookie Rookie" parts. Here's the link:
Omgg i thought it sounded annoying at first too!!! But then i found myself constantly singing it and i learned to love it. Its exactly how i felt about Nct Dream Chewing Gum.