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This weekend I ventured an hour or so outside of Seoul to explore some parts of Incheon that I have never seen.

If any of you are watching Goblin, a lot of scenes were filmed right around here!

The video is a bit long, so here's a breakdown:

I first went to Chinatown and got some really yummy street food!
Then I found a gorgeous tea house where I was able to warm myself up with amazing tea and doodle a bit.
Then I hopped on a bus to Weolmido, an island connected to the mainland by a small bridge. There is a boardwalk and theme park there that is great to just walk around and people watch.
After being pretty much attacked by birds, I headed home :)

It was a really lovely day and if you're in Seoul and have time, I'd recommend a quick trip to explore this area!

@funk1lock8 Clearly you know nothing about Korea. Good job showcasing your ignorance on the internet. Have a great day.
funk1lock8 @caricakes I was joking.You are right I don't know that much about Korea apart from that they do certain martial arts: Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do,Hapkido and Sulkido.I have watched many Korean Movies which reflect quite a violent society which is Very romantic as well as misogynistic.They make alot of romantic movies,thrillers,comedies and ultra violent movies e.g. Sympathy for Mr Vengeance/Lady Vengeance and Old Boy,See You After School. and Arahan (a surreal comedy as funny as Hong Kong movie Shoalin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.Shiri (a thriller as fierce as Japan's Battle Royalle),Woochi:Demon Slayer (a fantasy featuring a giant White rabbit). I also know they were quite good at B Boying but their government recalled alot of young people because they went awol from their compulsory military service to get involved in it. One thing I do know is that Dog is a popular and delicacy in their restaurants.You cannot deny that because it is a fact.A fact you probably choose to ignore in championing Korean Culture.It's pretty barbaric.Apparently they believe the more cruelty inflicted on the dog the more tender the meat is.And now KPop is popular.
Dog meat is not popular, it is difficult to find and most people of my generation have only had it once if ever in their lives. Have you ever considered WHY they had to eat dog? Protein was hard to come by especially during WWII and the Korean war because Korea didn't have the resources to raise cattle, pigs, or sheep (it takes a lot of resources to raise those animals) so, in order to get proper nutrients in their war torn country (which had be colonized by the Japanese before that) they did what they had to do. Now, the government continuously tries to pass regulations on the dog meat industry to stop the ways in which the meat is produced (more health regulations, more humane ways of raising and killing the animals, etc) but it is people with your mindset that stop these laws from being passed. Dogs are still allowed to be tortured because any time the government tries to protect the dogs in some way, people say "eating dog meat is wrong' and stop that legislation from being passed, which leads to the torture of more dogs. I am a vegetarian and believe eating any animal is wrong, but for you to call a practice barbaric when your (and my) home country is one of the reasons they had to turn to this diet is very irresponsible and ignorant.
Hoping to visit Korea soon. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!
people, chill tf out, if you both got a problem with each other, pm each other instead of ruining a great card here -_-
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k and ik :3
funk1lock8 @caricakes So,how were the Dog restaurants?Dig you have mans best friend fried,roasted or boi.led?;-)