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My girl sakura!! #kunoichi
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some of those she didn't do and compared to a lot of people in the series she is useless, would you rather have a healer who punches really hard or Naruto who can also healer people and has god tier power when compared to most people in the series she isn't worth the time of day. also, iruka was the first to support Naruto's dream
Sakura is not useless nor has she ever been in my opinion, she is just as valuable as the other team 7 members. She doesn't have a kekkai genkai like sasuke, and she didn't steal a scroll like naruto, nor is was she given a sharigan like kakashi She has had to study,learn, and build her own unique skills form the bottom up. She should be given more credit for her hardwork, but everyone has an opinion. Bit if we are going to go down the road of who was useful or not: Iruka Tenten Sai Shino Tsunade's assistant Ebisu Didn't really have any major contributions to missions, fight scenes, or ninja skills. all I am saying is before people try to bash Sakura, there are other naruto characters that have some qualities that categorize them as not being useful.
All in all I'd say most all of the female characters in Naruto are pretty lacking and I don't even mean their abilities. Granted they all seem to only excel in one aspect, but that seems to be the extent of their character development. They all have one special skill and one heightened emotion. Strip the two of them of their abilities and I can't name one aspect about Ino and Sakura that doesn't involve their hair but that's not their fault. Blame the producers.
Naruto and Saskue both come from badass clans so of course they are strong. Sakura came from no where, she didn't come from a clan. Compared to Naruto and Saskue she is weak. To me all of the girls got overshadowed by the guys in the show. People always bash on Sakura because she gets the most screen time out of all of the female characters and they see her as weak, I see her as the most human. She had to work hard to get where she is. She surpassed her master in skill and that's one hell of an accomplishment. But no matter what any of us say there will be people that disagree with each other. But Sakura could kick all of our asses.
I thought Iruka sensei was the first to support Naruto's dream
even before that hinata did if you watch Naruto : The Last