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My girl sakura!! #kunoichi
if you havent noticed, Sakura started changing after meeting Lee. although I'm happy that she ended up with the man she's been chasing after, deep down I hoped that in some ways she would've end up with Lee. Because he sees her and her worth even before she became a badass.
she even surprised grandma tusnda In power as well
I was so happy when she finally became this bad ass girl like yes thank you so much lol. I love her she's awesome despite going through so much she's amazing
some of those she didn't do and compared to a lot of people in the series she is useless, would you rather have a healer who punches really hard or Naruto who can also healer people and has god tier power when compared to most people in the series she isn't worth the time of day. also, iruka was the first to support Naruto's dream
She is a crybaby and all the power in the world wouldnt make her anything but dead baggage to me. sry. i dont like her and never have. yes she did some good things but shes still a useless crybaby
I thought the world had entered the twilight zone for a second xD glad somebody still gets it :3
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