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Que tal peeps!

I'm at it with another one! Let's see how this goes.

I'm sitting in this local café sipping my green tea. I'm trying to loose a few pounds and this was the last place I needed to be. They would have buy one get one free on pastries today. I'm flipping through a magazine when I look up to see Jay's girl with another dude. She was dressed in super tight short red dress and all over him.

I shake my head as I record her this time. I know Jay has been busy flying from South Korea to the USA but I've warned him about this trick. Never trust a pretty plastic Barbie who name is Natasha. But then again was I doing too much due to my deep feelings for Jay?

I've known Jay since the 8th grade and I've loved him since the 8th grade. But I wasn't his type. I did have a body like the girls he sings about, I loved reading instead of turning up, I didn't have many boyfriends, and I was probably far from sexy despite the numerous sex stories I've written about us. I was his assistant and I loved my job. I hate seeing these THOTS use him for money. I've warned him but he just thinks I don't know anything.

I send him the video and wait for his response. As I pay for my tea I'm walk down the street and see there is a free make over in the Coco Chanel shop. I wondered if it was a gag. A free makeover if you buy over $2000 worth of shit. I mean I was technically in vacation and I said I would use this time to come back a new woman.

I walk in and all eyes were on me. Maybe I had too much cushion for this store. Some skinny high fashion black girl comes to me and ask me if I need help. I tell her about the ad of a free make over and yes I was right. It was a trick. I had to buy the products that the used. I was down though.

As the the young girl found some products for me I sit in the high black chair coaching myself not to run out the store. She begins to apply primer and ish as my phone rings. It was Jay. I ignore it. I didn't want to deal with him.

I sit back and allow the clerk to work some magic in me. I listen as she gives me tips. They were simple enough. I had to admit I have been lazy and deserved better. When I looked in the mirror I almost died. I was lookin hot asf. I had no idea who I was for a moment.

I walk into my apartment and I began writing my secret smut about Jay and I as I play his kind ass songs. We were on the beach and fucking on the sand in the story. I could feel myself getting super horny. So I save my story and pull out my little bullet vibrator I named Jay of course. I strip and began felling in my breasts. I was pulling at my nipples and softly rubbing the outside of my inner thighs. I closed my eyes as I pretend it was Jay.

"Yass Jay I'm so ready for you papi."
I take the toy and place it on low speed as I used it to rub over my nub. I gasp as I feel the vibrations roll on my sensitive area. All I could do is think of Jay. I still had his music playing in the background. His song Feature was on.
I put the little bullet on high speed as I moved it up and down against my wet womanhood. I began moaning out Jay name louder.

Suddenly, Jay walked into my room. He had bags in his hands and he dropped them on the floor. His eyes blinked as he saw me naked playing with myself and calling out his name. He quickly turned around and closed the door. I wanted to die.

I slowly put my toy away and through on a robe. Jay was so red in the face.

"Look Jay...I'm..."

"What the fuck did I just see?!" Jay blurted out.

"About that....why didn't you knock asshole?"

"I called you to let you know I was coming through and to talk about that video you sent me."

"Oh I was getting a makeover. I told you that bitch was no good."

"Forget that bitch. I will deal with her, but when did you start thinking about me like that. I know I get all the bitches wet but not you y/n." Jay smirked.

" I have the right to do what I want in my own home Jay." I said while trying not to blush.

Jay got real close to me. "Well let me let you get back to what you were doing. All you have to do is ask." He whispered in a husky tone.

My face turned beat ass red.

"You look good by the way." Jay said right before he left out the door.

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