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Characters:Min Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jungkook)
Genre: Angst, Highschool! AU
Word Count:~740
Part 4/??
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The hours passed slowly, the only thing breaking the seemingly endless silence was the slow, incessant beeps from Jungkook’s monitors. You had no other choice but to head home after visiting hours were over. Despite having returned to your warm bed and cozy pajamas, the mental pictures of Jungkook were still deep in your mind, presaging a sleepless night.

Five hours after you had passed out, you were woken up to the repeated ringing of your doorbell. You groggily pulled yourself out of bed and to your front door, unlocking it before swinging it open to reveal two police officers.

“Good morning, [Mr./Ms. L/N]. We are Officers Kim and Shin of the investigation department. We would like to ask a few questions regarding the case of Jeon Jungkook; we’ve been informed that you were with him yesterday afternoon,” the female officer spoke in a serious demeanor,

“Oh yeah, of course. Come in.” You nodded, moving aside to let the two others by.

After the three of you settled down on the couches in your living room, the male officer pulled out a pen and small notepad, cuing Officer Kim to begin the interrogation.

“Approximately what time did you arrive at Jeon’s apartment yesterday?”

“Somewhere between 10:35 and 10:45,” you answered. Officer Kim paused, allowing Officer Shin to scribble it down.

“For what reason were you at Jeon’s apartment?”

You briefly explained why you had gotten stuck with his interview, making sure to include details, such as [Friend’s/N] unexpected sickness and the required interviews for the school newspaper.

“As far as you know, what happened to Jeon Jungkook yesterday?”

You tensed up a trifle, looking down at your fingers began to fiddle with each other. “I walked into his room and he was just…laying on the ground. When I checked his breathing, it was so feeble and weak, so I called the ambulance right away. The doctor told me it was strychnine poisoning.”

Officer Kim leaned in a bit, before proceeding to the last question. “Can you give us the names of any possible suspects?”

You froze, your bottom lip quivering as only one name flashed in your mind. But you couldn’t. There was no way..

“[Mr./Ms. L/N], please. We need all the information we can get. If you know anybod—”

“Min Yoongi.”
“Let me go! I didn’t fucking do anything!”

“Sir, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you,” an officer ordered as he pulled Yoongi out the car, tightening the handcuffs on his wrists.

“I told you already. I have no part in this! Don’t I get a lawyer or something?!”

“From the evidence collected, the court states there is no need for a trial. All trails point towards you being guilty.”

Yoongi grit his teeth with anger and confusion. He was in the middle of making lunch when the police had knocked on his door and taken him away. No explanation; just something about strychnine poisoning.

“Prisoner 930309, Min Yoongi. You’ll be held in cell E0613 with Prisoner 940912.”

“Wait!” As he was pushed into the dimly lit cell, Yoongi held onto the barred door and called out at the officer, “Aren’t I at least entitled to a phone call?”

The officer left and returned with a small cellphone, clearly only meant to be used for recorded calls. Yoongi hesitated for a moment, before dialing a designated number.





T H E  P E R S O N  Y O U  A R E  T R Y I N G  T O  R E A C H  I S  NOT A V A I L A B L E .  P L E A S E  H A N G  U P ,  O R  P R E S S  ONE F O R  M O R E  O P T I O N S .

With a sigh, Yoongi hung up.

“Sweetcheeks ain’t answering the phone?”

The voice from behind made him flinch, having him turn to see who he assumed was his cellmate.

“Prisoner 940912, Kim Namjoon.” The taller male confirmed and held out his right hand to shake, while the left pulled the lit cigarette from between his smirking lips.

“Arrested for multiple counts of robbery,
…and a diagnosed kleptomaniac.”
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I feel bad for Yoongi.....he couldn't have done it based on the information given so far.
Yoongi Noooooooooo!!!!! 😱😱😱😤😤💔💔💔💔
he didnt do it kookie is setting him up!!!
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