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The Easy Way to Get Into a KPOP Group :) [+an Intro to B.I.G]

Hello Everyone!

So, there are so many new groups debuting this year! All of them look extremely talented, but it might take a while to learn the members and choose a bias, right? Plus, we might procrastinate on getting into them (I still need to get more into 9Muses lol). Well, I've figured out possible the best way (at least for me) to get into new groups with little effort, aka, the easy way. This is how I got into many groups and learned them within a day even! I hope this method works for you! :)

Note; I am going to use B.I.G as an example here, to celebrate their newly opened community here on Vingle!

1. Watch their MVs and listen to their songs

So you've recently heard of this group called B.I.G for the first time, and you're curious. First step is to listen to their songs and see if they fit your taste. I suggest watching their most popular couple MVs first. (You can also find MVs with the members' names when they pop up on screen; these are extremely helpful!!)
So you go on youtube and watch their MVs.... and you love them! Now, you watch their other ones, and listen to some non-title track songs (colour coded lyrics videos help A LOT here!!)
P.S: Usually, there's a lovely fan who lists who is who in the comments! Be sure to look for those!!
I've also made a playlist of B.I.G's MVs in the order they were released. Check it out HERE

2. Check Out their Profiles

This step is simple. Find reliable sources on their profiles and learn more about the group and each member! Key things to look for are fandom name, number of members, stage/birth names, ages, nationalities, roles/positions, and other groups they've been a part of (if there are). The best profilers I've found are Kprofiles, Miss Kpop, and KpopInfo114. Youtube also has some helpful profile videos!
Left to right in the photo: Benji, J-Hoon, Heedo, Minpyo, and Gunmin.

3. Learn to recognize the members Part 1; variety shows and videos

Don't worry about recognizing their voices yet (but props to you if you already can!). Learning to recognize the members' faces is one of the trickier parts for most people, especially when there are a lot of members. While photos do help, I've found that videos help a lot more. So sit back, relax, and watch some of their variety shows and dramas! The shows I find most helpful are Weekly Idol, After School Club, The Immigration, The Qmentary, and Pops in Seoul. Don't forget dance practices, fancams, behind the scenes, and even crack videos!! This will also help you get a sense of their personalities as well :)

4. Learn to recognize the members Part 2; photos and quizzes

Now you've got a basic sense of who is who, but let's perfect it. Look at photos and try to find the members' most recognizable feature. For example, I always noticed Heedo's eyes, J-Hoon's nose, and Benji's box smile. There are many online quizzes to help test your knowledge and know what members you mess up on. One of my personal favourites is an app and website called KPopFaces. They have a ton of groups (unfortunately, B.I.G is not yet on there :( ), and a collection of images for each member. They really helped me when I was learning NCT, Red Velvet, Monsta X, Cross Gene, Imfact, and more!

5. (bonus) Tips and Tricks

→ When searching for photos, find reliable sources such as fansites and tumblr/twitter pages. Google images will mess up you.
→ If you have friends who are into the group, ask them for help! They can do so much to make you a hardcore fan in no time.
→ Join communities, subscribe to youtube channels, and follow blogs/pages about the group and members. You'll be updated on what they're doing, and it'll help you get into them more!

What strategy works best for you?

and hey guys, if you wanna become B.I.G trash like I am, I'm more than happy to help :')


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im so glad you made this card! cause yes! what way to get into kpop than with B.I.G! Hey there is a B.I.G community now you should post this card to the community too!
Yes!! I've tried posting it into the b.i.g community, but for some reason, it doesn't show up when I type it in...
oh i know. i tried searching it and had a probelm. let me see if i can link you
OMG! another group to obsessed about 😲
they're absolutely amazing :')
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