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hello everyone!!
lol so I was just kidding it's not serious at all xD but I hope you all read it.
first I'd like to say welcome to all those new vingler I'm twistedpuppy aka Vinny I was known as the smut King. I know there alot of new people and I wanted you all to feel welcome and to enjoy this is a judge free community and everyone allow to speak their mind. hope you like my story and let be friends.
now to those who do know me.
I think I might be back i think lol joking anyways!
I've been away for a while as in I haven't really posted on here I would just do the card for community but that was every now and then.
so I'm not sure if some of you know but I was going through a tough writer block and I would write now and then but I couldn't do alot or finish a story. until my recent oneshot which was Namjoon and Jimin oneshot.
which you can find in my collection of otp oneshot.
I keep wonder why I couldn't write anymore and what has been blocking my creativity. I would spend night awake trying to write a oneshot but nothing. I got so frustrated I wanted to quit writing and got all sad and shitu.

then I realized! I stop writing because I wanted to do more in vingle, to do other stuff instead of just smut and Fanfic. because I wanted to be more part of vingle and know. I focus on there stuff and stop writing when I love Fanfic.
I love to write and let other seek into my mind. I love to create a different world and to write a story that people love and feel like they can relate too. To hear someone say I love your story's it help me out or I made me feel so much feeling. to be someone that other people know and like. to write the fantastic in people mind. To write story any story Fanfic or not I love it.

so I, vinny will be coming back and ill be writing again and focus on my Fanfic again because I miss writing them and I recovered from my depression and writer block and I miss killing people with my story's hehe xD.

so to the people know me I'm back!! did you miss me!! I promise to kill you with my fanfiction again.

and to the new vingler welcome.! if you need help with anything or someone to talk to feel free to message me. if it for advice or feeling sad and need someone for comfort or just wanna chat I'll be more then happy to be that someone.
there also been alot of people who left vingle and I miss them I was going to leave too but I love vingle it made me who I am today okay not really but it was my escape and favorite place. so hope to those who are new feel the same and to even the one who been here for along I miss you all please take care of me and enjoy my story's!

also to those who comment on my card were im accepting request for oneshot of OTP/ship.
don't worry I'm working on them. I'm making sure to do them great. I will post them soon and have you all SPAZZING and crying haha jk jk or am I xD but I am writing them already.
so please be patient and wait for me. thank you and the smut King has return. I hope haha

also thank you for those who have been with me since I first started don't think I don't notice you because I do.
and to those who been with me for a while but not since I started thank you as well I appreciate you for everything and for always being by my side.
and thank you to the new people aka Homies who've just started following me as well I hope to see you in the future as well. Hug for everyone!

Taglist Time!!

where my Homies at!?
if you wish to added into my Homies taglist let me know by commenting. thank you

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Aww I'm glad your back ^_^ ❤
I'm glad to be back ^_^ thank you
welcome back!!!!
thank you!!
Welcome back girl!!
thanks girl lo
welcome back!
Thank you!!!
is it just me or do I feel like my heart has been put back in my chest and repaired with a miracle cream that heals scars I'm so happy and I can't wait to see all the new stories that will come out she inspires me to express myself and seeing that she's going to be writing again makes me believe there is still hope thanks twisted puppy for not giving up
@EireneJoseph awe! (^///^) I'm glad to be back