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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa with a new week for our month long theme. This week's member is SungJun. Can you imagine what kind of date you'll have with SungJun? Here is what I imagine a date night with SungJun would be like.
SungJun been your boyfriend awhile now. You wanted to do something he likes to do on his free time. Even though it might be something you don't like doing, but you want to spend more time with him. So you called him up to ask when is next free night. You want to go the gym with him. So he can teach you how to work out like him. He agrees and says it would be great to have something to do together. So you have a date night with SungJun at his gym.
You agreed to meet SungJun at his gym. You all dressed up in exercise clothes and tennis shoes. You already to go after packing drinks and snacks.
You get to the gym and try to find SungJun by the treadmills. You were hoping to just work out on the treadmill. SungJun has other plans. He finds you first. After giving you a hug, he leads you to the weight room.
SungJun teaches you how to properly stretch before a workout. He shows you how to warm up your muscles with weights machines.
He was working out along aside you the whole time. You were dreading this date, but you are actually having a good time with SungJun. It seems like he is enjoying himself too.
After the work, SungJun offers you a drink. You told you got drinks and snacks for them. You prepared a smoothie and apple sandwiches for a light snack. SungJun was truly touched by your thoughtful gesture.
It was time to go home. You tell SungJun you had a great time. He suggests that you both should have more excerise date nights in the future. With a smile, he gives you a sweet good night kiss.

Well that's all for Imagine a date with SungJun. I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think of my date with SungJun? Can you imagine a date with SungJun?
If only I had a cute guy to have workout dates with... Then I would have to motivation to actually work out and get fit! That, though not the cleche date, is still a pretty good date. You get to hangout, while keeping fit, and you learn something new to benifit your daily life! It's a win, win, win situation!!
@KDramaKPop1015 Right! that's what I was thinking.