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I'm am so done with bigshit. Jhope doesn't even have one line in one of their new songs and everyone feels attacked. Why would they do this?! 😭😷
J-hope may not have the lines but his contribution is definitely evident and his presence is within the music and lyrics of the songs. I think that as an artist it is important for them to be well rounded. There are times to be apart of the vocals and raps, but there are other times when they need to work on perfecting being a producer, composing the beats, and lyric writing. This doesn't reflect a negative thing because they are still apart of the song just not in the forefront. We as fans should support their personal growth no matter what form they are participating in when songs come out. It's important that we acknowledge every single group members contribution in making songs we get to enjoy listening too. I'm so happy Hoseok got the chance to professionally grow behind the scenes and I'm sure all he learned will payoff for us as fans in the future.
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@KaitlynHewitt. They sure do. I just feel like those that get upset because a member isn't singing or rapping wasn't apart of the song creation, needed to be enlightened to the fact that there is so much more that these artist do behind the scenes in order for the music we listen to becomes a completed work. It is never a bad thing to have one member not be heard on a track one must consider what did that member do for the song that resulted in their professional growth as an artist, created a learning experience for them, and we get to hear the results of there efforts. I love how they get to contribute to the songs we enjoy listening too. I felt it important to shed some light on the artist as a whole.
sure me may not have any lines but they did make it up for it with not today