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Gray POV

She was out of her zone. She is blank and can not seemed to be focusing of whats going on around her. Jay grabbed her and began to shake her. I got mad and grabbed Jay from his shoulder and pull him back. I take Janera into my arms and began to fly.

Janera looks up at me and she smiles. She then puts her head to my chest and I saw that she fell asleep. I hold her tight and my heart began to race. She feels so warm. How I miss her. How I miss her scent. I embrace her into my arms, not thinking of letting her go.

How can I not let her go. She was mine and I still want her to be mine. Oh Janera, If only you know what you mean to me.

I land on a field of many beautiful kinds of flowers. I carry her towards a waterfall. I place her down under a tree and I sat next to her. I look down at her and see the beauty she holds. Her lips are soft and her face is smooth. I brush her hair back. I realize of how much she meant to me.

I look up at the sky and began to see the stars. I close my eyes and began to bring the memories I have with Janera. Her laughter and her smile,which always brought every beauty into bloom.

I have always seen her grow up into a fine beautiful lady she is now. Seeing her become the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. Then Janera began to moan in her sleep.

"Gray.....Gray... please dont kill me"

The nightmare. The nightmare which has always been attached to her. The only memory she helds of me. I lay down beside her and she sense that I was close to her and her body came towards me and began to hold me tigjt like a teddy bear. Her head lays right on my chest and her arms tigjt around my waist.

I began to play woth her hair. How I regret trying to kill her. Its the only thing I hate the most. I held her tight and close my eyes again.

I wish you can see my heart. I wish to give you my all. I want you Janera. I want you back into my arms

I can remeber the moments I had with her when she went to human, but she never saw me. I will go to her when she is asleep. I will stand by next to her and just watch her sleep peacefully. The moments to cherish her breathing and her be able to watch her beauty close. He nightmares comes every other nights. She squirms and turns in her bed mamy times. I would climb in bed and her body will crawl to mines and just sleep peacefully.

Im sorry Janera. Its my fault for not protecting you. I never wamted to hurt you. Your my everything baby.

I hold Janera tight into my arms and just wish everything was back as it was. Innocent pure love. But what brakes my heart is that your heart is in love with someone else. Someone who you also hold dear to. We are witches and we are beasts.

We dont have laws like the human world. We can fall in love with someone who is or who is not blood related, but I cant. I want her to love me like she did before. I cant not seem to handle that her heart is loving someone else.

I dont blame you baby. I have lost my place as where Jay is to you. He protected you when I tried to kill you.

All I carry are the scars of her pain when they turned her into a human. Every scar is her powers and every scar is her emotions. I look at Janera and her hands are just delicated. I kiss her forehead.

When you find your powers, free the good ones, let me keep your pain and let me go.

Janera began to open her eyes. She saw me and she quickly sit up. I smiled and I sit up as well. Her cheeks turned pink.

"How you feeling?"
"Umm.. Im ok."

She began to look around and her eyes open wide and began to smile a bit.

"Where are we Gray?"
"Field Of Beauty. This is the filed you've created."
Janera stands and began to scan everything. Her eyes glitter at the view. I stand and then grabbed her hands.

"Come on"

We walked down the path of flowers. Janera looks around and never let go of my hand. Then she saw a hill uphead and she stopped me from walking.

"Gray, Ive seen this before. In my dreams. But never managed to go to the hill."
"This was the only good memory you have never let go when they turned you into a human"
"Can we go?"

She looks at me with those beautiful crystal eyes. I smiled and nod. We walked together towards the hill and her smile was making everything in the field bloom. We got to the top of the hill.

"Oh my... Gray. The view beautiful "

Janera sats down at the edge of the hill and began to look at the calm ocean as the moon shines the sky with bright stars. Warm winds blows towards us and she takes a deep breath. I stand behimd her and enjoy the view also. I place my hands in my pockets and began to remember her moments of laughter.

"Janera..Did you noticed that when you smile. Everything around you blooms and the stars shines brighter"

Janera looks around where she was sitting and little flowers began to bloom bright and then she looks up at the stars and she smiles. Janera gasp as she say the stars shinning bright as she smiled.

"I want this forever."
"This is yours Janera. You made this with your own heart."
"How did I do this?"

I look down at her and she was still looking at the sky.

"Are you sure you want to know Janera."
" Please. Tell me everything"
"You know that we are witches. And we can fall in love in any age. Well when we fell in love you took me into thus field. Before it was full of dirt and no life behold in the land. Then you made everything bloom."

Janera looks up at me. I smile.

"You named this land Field Of Beauty. Meaning the beauty of your love towards me"
"Gray... How did I forgot?"

I put my head down. I feel like my heart was tearing apart.

"The wicked cursed me to try to kill you. She wanted you to haye me so you can also loose control of your powers. Your powers are controled by your emotions. So by destroying the love you had, she knew it can kill us both."
"How did you broke the spell?"
"Sending you away and taking your powers and emotions."

Janera looks back in the sky.

"Each of my scars are your powers and emotions."

Janera stands and turns around tonface me. She smiled and she grabs my hands.

"You know where my heart stands."
"Yes.. but I cant..." she place her finger on my lips.
"Gray...can I trust you."
"Of course Janera."
"Then catch me like your life depends on it"

Janera then free falls from the cliff. My heart drops and I jump after her. She looks at me and she smiles and then she reached her hands at me. I reached towards her and grabbed her arm and pull her to my chest. Then I flew up towards the sky.

"Why you did that for?"
"To trust you. To have you enter inside my heart again"
"I remember who you are but the emotions are not there. Help me remember those feelings"

I land back on the hill and put her down to her feet. Her hands goes to my arms and she began to touch those scars. I look down on her and then I lift her chin up.

"Janera, will you let me go inside your heart?"
"Yes Gray. For some reason, I feel different when Im around you. As if I need you more than ever."

I grabbed her cheeks and kiss those lips of hers as soft as I can.

Your the only one who can be free Janera. Not me.
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