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Hi INSPIRITS! We are hosting a 3 day community event starting tomorrow the 13th! I have three fun and simple days planned out for us all to post. All you have to do is make a card on those days.
The card with the most creativity will be a feature card for a week and have their collection as a collection to follow.

Day 1: Feb 13th
- Group Member Date. Pick a place that you think everyone would like to go. You can even pick your top 3 members and go on a group date with them.

Day 2: Feb 14th
- Bias Wrecker Date. We all have our bias we want to spend the day with, but you bias wrecker comes knocking on this day. Tell us where he would take you and the possible outcome.

Day 3: Feb 15th
- Singles Date. You don't have a significant other. Tell us how you would spend Valentine's by yourself. i.e thinking of oppa, listening to kpop, binge watching netflix.

Sounds fun and cute enough right!? This is the communities first event, and with the quarter closing in us so soon I have plans for more events. Even bigger and better rewards! So stay tuned and have fun this Valentine's Day. I look forward to reading all that you post!

Here is a small early Valentine's Screen Shot to get us all started!
You can use the ideas from the screen shots for your dates in your cards! Have fun everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!
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