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Small fingers slowly wrapped around the colored paper sweetly wrapped around colored wax as it moved across the white paper. Little sun’s made their appearances in the top corner of the blank pages as each child spilled their imagination across each page with the crayon grasped in their hand.

“Clean up, time for recess” The teacher called over the quiet class as everyone finished up pouring their thoughts onto the white page.

A small boy glanced over at one of the girls sitting at another table. Lowering his eyes, he let his small eyes move across the page, with a boy holding a girl’s hand with the sun shining and cars and butterflies around them. With his name written in his best handwriting and your name written the best way he could. Placing his crayon back in the cup, he slid off the chair and carefully folded the page once then twice over before making his way over to your desk.

“Do you want to play on the swings today?” Some of the small boy’s friends asked as he looked over their shoulders to see you standing up and skipping out the door for recess.

“Yeah sure… there is just something I want to do first” The little boy said as the teacher herded everyone outside.

The sunshine hit the playground equipment as laughter filled the air. Kids happily chased one another as others played on the swings and on the other equipment. The small boy watched from behind one of the trees as the same cute girl walked around, picking up dandelion flowers and watching bugs. Taking a deep breath, he gathered all the courage he could muster in his small body before walking over to the little girl.

“_____?” The little boy called your name, you lifted your head as you saw a boy in your class.

“Hey V” You called him by his nickname causing the little boy to part his lips with a smile.
“Wanna help me look for bugs?”

“I-I… I actually wanted to give you something…” V stammered, the toes of his shoes digging into the dirt below between the clumps of grass.

“You did?” You lifted your head up as you wiped your hands on your pants before standing upright.

Watching the boy stand before you, he carefully pulled a folded paper out from behind his back, his small hands slowly unfolded the gift that he had sweetly made for you.

“I’m sorry, I messed up on the flower in my hand…” He softly whispered as he took a step forward and handed you the masterpiece between his fingers.

Outstretching your hand, your fingers gently tightened around the paper feeling the tension, V released his hold on his gift before you pulled the paper towards you to look it over in more detail.

“How did you know that my favorite flower was purple?” You lifted your eyes from the beautiful masterpiece that you could see the time and effort he poured into every stroke of the different colors of each crayon.

“Purple just suits you, since you are a princess” V complemented knowing, even at his young age, that purple was a color for royalty. A smile spread across his face as he watched your eyes slowly move across the work of art, a sweet smile curled onto your lips as he knew that just seeing your smile was all the reward that he could ever want.

“A dirt princess” You giggled, slipping the gift into your back pocket, you knelt down in the dirt once more. “Wanna join me?”

Nodding his head, he joined you down on his knees as the two of you slipped your hands through the dirt trying to find unique bugs and make them little houses from mounds of dirt, pulled grass and other forms of nature to try and make the bugs that you found right at home.

Working alongside V to make bug houses every recess, the two of you began to build a beautiful friendship. As the snow began to fall, the bug houses turned into small igloo and snowball fights between you two, not to mention the countless snow angels the two of you made one after another. As the seasons changed so did the years, sometimes being placed into other classes than one another, the two of you continued to meet at recess when you didn’t have the same classes. Elementary school turned into middle school then into High school, continuing to talk and hang out with each other from time to time, the friendship between you two continued to grow and mature as did the two of you.

Yearbooks were opened to different pages as multiple pairs of eyes scanned the pages of pictures, quotes and memories. Laughter was intermittently heard among the chatter and exchanging of conversations between friends. Quietly sitting at your desk, you had your favorite book opened as your eyes slowly moved from left to right, soaking up every printed word on the page. Ear buds sat in your ears as your favorite tunes played softly in the background soaking in the final days before graduation.

Turning the page in your book, you lifted your eyes to see everyone signing each other’s yearbooks, scanning the room you slowly allowed your eyes to drift back down to the next page. Continuing on with your story, the sound of a chair being pulled against the tile floor below caught your muffled hearing. Lifting your head, a familiar face sat across the desk from you, pulling one of the ear buds from your ear, a smile pulled on your lips.

“What’s shakin’, V?” You placed your finger at your place on the page as V shimmied his shoulders causing you to laugh, being one of the many inside jokes between the two of you.

Hearing your angelic laugh, he began to laugh and shimmy his shoulders a little more as you continued to laugh. Catching a few eyes from around the room, V slowed his shoulders as his hand lifted to cover his smile.

“Hey, hey, hey” V slowly pulled his hand away from his lips and rested his head on his hand instead showing you his beautiful brown eyes in an attempt to capture your attention, “I have a question to ask you.”

“Then I probably have an answer” You replied as your laughter faded yet the smile outfitting your lips didn’t waver.

“May I write in your yearbook?” He pointed shyly to the pristine yearbook sitting quietly on your desk.

“You haven’t missed a year yet, so why would you miss our Senior yearbook?” You pushed the book towards him with a smile.

“But on one condition” V paused as he produced his own copy of the identical yearbook. “You
sign mine as well.”

“Deal” You smiled, happily taking his yearbook, you slowly flipped open the cover, seeing a few
friends messages along the inside of the front cover. They were simple phrases wishing him a good summer or a few hang out requests. Turning to the end of the book, you saw a few more names written on the blank pages before you stumbled upon an empty page with a simple phrase written across the top in his handwriting.

Reserved for _________ ________

The four simple words pulled your lips further apart in an even bigger smile before it slowly faded. “I’m sorry, I don’t have a page dedicated to just you…” You whispered, glancing up and seeing his wide eyes staring down at the blank pages before him.

“Don’t worry, I see that I have all four pages to fill!” V glanced up at you not seeing any writing within your yearbook as of yet.

“You don’t have to fill all of them, most of my yearbooks are pretty empty” You confessed softly while your fingers filed through your pencil bag, trying to find a colored pen that you could write with among the pages.

“I have a few pens, if you’d like” V offered, pulling a bunch of pens that were tightly bound together with a rubber band.

“Thank you” You smiled as you untangled your fingers from the pens in your pencil case before taking one of the banded pens and pulled it out of the grouping.

Uncapping the pen, you gazed down at the page before brushing some hair away from your eyes as you got an idea of what you wanted to say, how you wanted your writing to look and how much you wanted to confess to him. Hearing him uncap a pen as well, he turned sideways and used the other desk to hold your book as his arm covered the page that he was working

Allowing your eyes to wander towards him, his shoulders hung over your yearbook, his hand slowly moved across the page as the pen fluidly left it’s ink along the page. The muscles in his arm were tensing with each stroke of the pen as his tongue slowly ran over his pink lips as you watched his mind flow from one idea to the next.

“No peeking” V caught you gazing at him as you shook your head, slightly in shock that you had zoned out while looking at him.

“A-Ah I was just… thinking” You tried to cover for yourself but you knew V could see right through your act.

“Mhmmm suuuuuure” V sang with a smile as he turned around, with his back facing you now, wanting your message to be a surprise as he continued to work.

Watching his hand move the pen expertly between his fingers, his head moved up and down as he wanted to put his whole heart into his message to you. Dropping your eyes down to the emptied page that was reserved for you, you wrote his name slowly at the top of the page allowing your mind to have some time to formulate a message.

The words began to fill your mind as if someone in your mind was typing what you wanted to say and your hand was just following orders. Words turned into phrases, phrases turned into sentences and sentences turned into paragraphs. Moving from the current years to years in the past, you rolled through the chosen memories between you and him as your hand continued to glide across the glossed pages. Flowing from one idea to another, you began to wrap up your thoughts and your message to him as you neared the end of the page. Signing your name sweetly at the bottom, your lips pursed as you let out a elongated breath trying to dry the wet ink on the page.

Glancing up, you watched as V changed pens and the sound of a page turning captured your curiosity. Tilting your head to the side, you tried to lean to one side then to the other to try and get a glimpse as to what he was doing.

“Are you done yet? You take forever!” A playful tone lined your words with a hint of sarcasm as you gently closed his yearbook.

“Nope! Not done yet!” V shook his head as you watched his hair sway with the movement of his head.

Just then, the end of the day bell sounded, signalling that summer had officially begun.
Scanning the room with your eyes, you discovered that you were the only two souls within the four walls of the classroom. Allowing your eyes to drift back to V, you continued to watch him, seeing the words form within his head while his hand worked carefully to spill the thoughts onto paper.

Deciding that you would wait a little longer for him to finish, you pushed your earbuds into your ear. Thumbed through your songs on your phone while your head rested on a bunched up jacket of yours. Playing a favorite playlist of yours, you rested your phone in your lap as your eyes stayed on V continuing to work on the pages of your yearbook.

The sun in the room shifted as time began to pass, the fluorescent lights overhead soon became the only source of light as darkness wrapped around the buildings outside. Softly blowing his breath across the final page, V slowly turned around in his chair to see you fast asleep on the bunched up jacket, your arms cuddling the jacket and holding it close while strands of your hair fell over your face. Scooting closer to you, he slowly bent over and lightly blew against your hair to see if you would wake. Not even stirring, V watched your sleeping figure for a minute or two before he lifted his hand slowly and tucked some of the fallen hair behind your ear.

Feeling the soft strands of hair slip between his fingers, like fine sand, he leaned over and gently pressed his lips against the crown of your head.

“You don’t have an empty page in this book now.” V whispered to you as his thumb stroked your hair slowly.

Taking in the beautiful sight before him, V watched you sleep soundly as your lips were slightly parted, soft inhales and exhales escaped your sweet lips while your black eye lashes fanned out from the hidden gems. Silence filled the space between the two of you as V continued to gently pet your hair. Pulling yourself out of sleep, you felt someone petting your hair, opening your eyes you were greeted with big beautiful brown eyes. His head laying at the same level as yours as you could see the emotions behind his eyes.

“Having fun watching me?” You questioned softly, trying hard not to show your morning voice.

“Mhmmm, I am” V hummed quietly, matching your tone.

“Creeper” You smiled as you slowly sat up, his hand fell from your hair as you noticed the two yearbooks sitting next to one another on the desktop. “D-Did you finish?”

Reaching out for your yearbook, you began to slide it across the desk towards you.

“Wait until you get home to read it” V requested as your eyes lifted to meet his, “Please…”

“Is there a bomb in there?” You teased, cupping your hand around your lips trying to be secretive.

“Something like that” V played along as he picked up his yearbook and slid it into his backpack before rising from his seat. Following suit, you slid your favorite book and your yearbook into your backpack. Tugging your earphones out of your ears, you wound them around your phone.
Pulling on your jacket, you grabbed your phone sticking it in your pocket before lifting your backpack onto your shoulders.

“Ready?” V questioned, watching you getting ready to brave the chilly temperatures outside.

“Is this bomb easily triggered?” You questioned as the two of you headed out of the room.

“Nope, not unless you initiate it” He told you holding all of the doors open for you as the two of you exited the classroom and walked down the emptied halls a final time.

“How do I initiate it?” You questioned softly, looking over at V as you saw a soft blush on his cheeks after passing under sporadic emergency lights that lined the hallways.

“You could initiate a lot of things, but with the bomb it will require your reading skills” V smiles as he glanced over at you as your eyes met his.

Pushing open the final door, the cool air hit your warm skin as you walked through the opened door before slowing as V caught up to you. The two of you walked away from the school together as V offered to walk you home. Accepting the invitation, the two of you began to make the way to your home.

“If you could do one more daring thing before we graduate, what would it be?” You quizzed, as this was one of the many questions that the two of you exchanged along the way home.

“Well I would have spent more time with you…” V confessed as he didn’t want to give away too much that was said between the pages of your yearbook.

“That isn’t daring” A chuckle lined your words as you looked over at him.

Glancing down, he saw your hand swingly freely by your side. Bringing his lower lip between his teeth, he lifted his eyes before taking a deep breath and slipped his hand gently into yours.

Feeling his hand slip into yours, his warm hand gently lifted yours and placed it into his warm pocket. Your eyes drifted up his arm to meet with his eyes again.

“Then it would be this” He gave your hand a gentle squeeze before brushing his thumb over yours.

Butterflies swarmed your stomach as he was the first one to hold your hand. The pace between the two of you slowed down slightly before you dropped your eyes. Knowing you were close to home, you watched the toes of your shoes cross over the cracks in the sidewalk under you.

“Is this okay?” V’s sweet voice cooed not feeling you hold his hand back, his touch began to retract not wanting to make you uncomfortable.

“I just have been waiting a long time to hold your hand” You confessed, lifting your eyes to meet his once more, “That’s all…”

“Not as long as I have waited to hold yours” V whispered while slowing his pace knowing that you two were approaching your front door.

Stepping up the few steps, he removed your conjoined hands from his pocket before untangling his hand from yours slowly before he felt your hand tighten around yours.

“Will I be able to hold your hand again?” Your eyes widened peering into his as his fingers wrapped around your hand once more.

“You can count on it” He whispered, feeling your hand finally release his, he lifted his free hand and rested it against your cheek before leaning in and kissing your forehead. “Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams.”

Hearing those sweet words spill from his lips still in close proximity to you, you lifted your head to see those breathtaking eyes gaze down at you. “You too” You whispered back as he took a step back allowing you to head inside.

Approaching your front door, you wrapped your hand around the handle before looking over your shoulder. Still seeing V there with a small smile on his lips, his hands tucked warmly into his pockets, you watched as the cool breeze of the night combed through his hair. Turning your head back around, your hand twisted the handle of the door and pushed it open. The warm yellow light of the entry spilled over your figure as V continued to watch you as you stepped
inside. Waving to him while you closed the door behind you, shutting out the night.

Waving back to you, a peaceful smile curled on his lips as his eyes scaled your house. Watching some shadows move within the house, he walked down the front walk of your home. Shuffling along the sidewalk, he rounded the corner lot seeing the large tree on the edge of the property line. Moseying over to underneath the tree, he leaned against the wide strong trunk as his eyes  gazed up at the darkened window.

On the inside of the house, you made your way up the stairs as you flipped your light on. Resting your backpack against your desk you pulled your books out of the bag and rested them on the wooden desk that sat across the room from your bed. Quickly changing into some comfy pajamas for the night, you shuffled over to your desk and pushed the books off of your yearbook. Deciding to settle down with it for the night. You placed your books back on the desk while you tucked the yearbook under your arm.

V watched the soft yellow hue spill from your bedroom window. Dragging the toe of his shoe around in the dirt underneath him, he carefully leaned his head back while his eyes stared up at the intertwined branches overhead. Lifting his foot up onto a rock leaning up against the tree, he reached up and wrapped his hand around a large branch.

Pulling himself up off of the ground, he moved onto the lowest branch really wanting to see your reaction to when you read his handwritten message in your yearbook. Weighing out his options and your point of view, knowing very well that this is the creepiest thing that he has ever done. Nevertheless, he pulled himself up through the tangled branches, finding a sturdy branch that faced your window. Positioning himself to see you sitting on your duvet covering your bed, your back pressed up against the wall as your legs were crossed allowing the yearbook to lay on your lap.

Watching you turn over the cover, he saw colorful words line the inside cover of the yearbook. Seeing your head turn and begin to read the message on the inside front cover, your fingers brushed over the hundreds of pages. Time seemed to stand still for V as he continued to watch you read over his compliments covering the inside cover.

Having read all of the little compliments splattering the two pages, a smile was hard to hold off of your face as you slowly flipped through the yearbook, looking for any other notes that he could have placed amongst the pages. Flipping to the page that had your senior picture and quote, you saw a small note in the margins. Recognizing the handwriting as V’s you allowed your eyes to move along the writing of the fine pen.

The most beautiful girl in the world

With an arrow pointing to your picture, a broad smile pulled your lips back further before a thought sparked your mind. Quickly flipping the pages to see his picture, you saw another note pointing to his picture this time.

This guy is hopelessly in love with you

Butterflies tickled your stomach while your hand covered your bright broad smile. Lifting your eyes from the page, you rested your head back against the wall.

“Oh my goodness” You whispered to yourself in disbelief as your feelings for him became exposed knowing that he felt the exact same way about you. Shaking your head, you tried to push the thoughts out of your mind in order to not overthink or overanalyze the situation.

Your fingers found the pages of the book again, resuming turning the pages, you found the four blank pages in the back of the book reserved for signings from your friends.

The first page had your name written in large artistic letters, around your name were memories that the two of you had shared. Starting at the top of the page, you read your first encounter with him on the playground in Kindergarten, then making forts and playing different games on the playground over the years, then a few memories caught your eye as you read them.

I remember seeing you at the middle school dance, you were wearing a navy blue dress that fit you so beautifully. The slight sparkles along the skirt made you look like a goddess of the night, one that I was too scared to go up and ask for a dance. But how I wish I could go back to that night and ask you for a dance.

I remember seeing you at Prom, Junior year, you wore a beautiful black dress this time. Your hair was pulled back and slightly waved as you stood on the perimeter of the gym. It took me a good five or six songs for me to gather my courage before I walked over to you. I still remember that smile on your lips when you saw a friendly face, one that was willing to join you.

I remember our first dance at that Prom. How it felt to hold you close. How your touch was so relaxing and pushed all of my fears away. Then to see your breathtaking eyes twinkle under the low lights. The soft conversations that we whispered as the song played overhead. Then the look on your face when I twirled you at the end of the song and brought you in for a hug.

Reading through several more memories, tears began to coat your eyes as your vision blurred
as the tears accumulated along your lower lashes. Lifting your hand up, you wiped away the threatening-to-fall tears. Moving your eyes to the next page, you saw long paragraphs filling the page fully, hardly leaving any white space.

Moving your eyes over to the next page, you began to read the thoughtful words covering the page. Going through more memories, his feelings and thoughts on you began to surface. A swelling of your heart began to pound against your rib cage as the pace increased.

Watching from the window, V continued to watch as you wiped away your tears with your hand. Page after page you read the long message that covered all four previously emptied pages. With his heart beating faster with anticipation, he continued to watch as you turned the final page to allow something to fall from the back cover.

Catching your attention, you picked up the paper cautiously as you gazed down at the drawing. With a boy sitting out on a tree limb and a girl sitting with a book on her lap resting on her bed with a thought bubble connecting the two of them with a heart. Realizing that this was a picture of you, you lifted your eyes to see the picture that he gave you in Kindergarten hanging just above your closet door.

Allowing your eyes to drift over to the window, you moved the book from your lap onto the duvet of your bed. Slipping off of your bed, you moseyed over to the window before finding a figure amongst the leaves and branches. Opening your window, you smiled as you folded your arms on the window seal and lowered your head onto your folded arms.

“I take it you found my little surprise?” V smiled as he slowly leaned towards you as his eyes observed you nod your head.

“Now I have another V masterpiece to add to my collection” You reasoned with a cheeky smile.

“Don’t worry you will get a lot more” V smiled as he began to climb towards your window.

“I will?” You probed before standing upright and backing up gesturing to him that he was welcome to enter your room.

“You will, I’m 100% positive” V smiled as he expertly moved his body from the branch into your bedroom.

“How can you be so sure?” You tilted your head as you ran your tongue along your pink lips.

“There is no one else I want to be with” V confessed, “No other girl can make me as happy as you make me, there is no one that I would pick to be with over anyone at anytime, the girl who I never get tired of being around, the girl I never want to let go. My Kindergarten love.”

“I’m sure that have been other girls that you have liked other than me” You reasoned, shifting your weight from one foot to the other as your heart predicted what was going to happen next.

“There have been, but no one compares to you. No one is as bright, intelligent, elegant, beautiful, breathtaking, gorgeous, sweet, kind, genuine, generous, witty, fun or true to themselves as you are.” V took a step closer to you slowly closing the space between you, “You are my dream girl and I am incredibly lucky to find you when I did so that I could gather all of those memories with you and continue to look forward to all of the ones we will have together.”

“You… you literally are stealing my words that I have wanted to say for such a long time…”
You confessed, your eyes locked with his as he lifted his hand and rested it on your arm.

“_______?” V’s tone hung with a questioning tone

“Yes?” You urged him to continue, your breath holding, your heart pausing and hanging on his every word.

“Will you be mine?” V offered, his heart being held out to you waiting for you to accept it with your whole heart.

“I wouldn’t trust my heart with anyone else” Accepting his heart in exchange for your own, you opened your arms slightly.

Picking up on your cue, his arms wrapped around your waist as your arms encased his shoulders, raising to your tippy toes, your head cradled in the crook of his neck as the warm skin of his neck pressed against your cheek. A soft content sigh left your lips as you felt his heart pound against your chest, with your heart slowing feeling the other heart next to yours. Tightening his grip on you, he rested his head against yours before pressing a soft kiss against
your temple.

“I love you” He whispered against the shell of your ear, the warm breath spilled over your hair before lifting one of his hands up, tucking some of your hair behind your ear and then pressing his pair of lips against your cheek.

“I love you too” Whispering back, you could feel the smile against your lips as you pulled away to have his eyes look into yours.

“What took you so long?” You exhaled feeling such a comfort, a relief to his confession and all of the words that he had expressed.

“I wanted to make sure that I was ready for my angel, since she deserves the best” V’s words caused your heart to leap.

“She does, she deserves only the best which just so happens to be you” You reassured him, your hand traveling across his lower back allowing your fingers to play with his shirt.

“I wanted to make sure that I could handle your worst so that I could deserve your best.” V whispered against your forehead before pressing his pair of lips to you skin, “You deserve every happiness.”