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Wassup everyone!!!!! Kim's here bringing you the 8th chapter for you guys. Hope you all enjoy!!!!

Your alarm blared in your ear, waking you up. You rolled over and pondered to yourself, what did I do in the universe for this to happen!!!! It could have been anyone else, but NNOO!!! Jeremiah had to come through those doors!!!! Why can't he just go away and leave me the hell alone???? You was about to close your eyes again only to have your alarm go off again. I guess I'll get up. Ugh!!!! Today is gonna suck so much.

You got up and got dressed. Once you were dresses, you went down to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal and to check your itinerary for the day. You noticed that your boss sent you an email informing you that he would not be able to make it to the meeting today due to some over scheduling. Damn it!!!!! I gotta face this jerk all by myself this afternoon!!!! Can this day get any worse!!!! You looked over at your clock and realized that it was way past the time you were supposed to leave. You quickly gathered your things and slipped on your shoes and ran out the door.

You rushed into your office where you quickly threw your tote bag. You grabbed your tablet and folder and made your way down to the conference room. Once you got there, you noticed that Jay was already waiting for you. "Bout time you showed up. I was wondering if you had bailed on me," he said. "Hhuuumm, something your good at," you retorted back. You noticed how quickly his facial expression changed from a smirk to grumpy. You grinned inwardly and opened up your folder to begin.

By 1 o'clock, you were able to narrow down to a few concepts that the two of you can agree on. You both agreed to meet up at the studio so you can hear his samples. You told him that you would forward everything to your boss and adjourned the meeting. As you were getting your things together, you couldn't help but notice his eyes staring at you. "Why are you looking at me? Do I have something hanging off of me?" Jay shook his head no and stated, "You look absolutely beautiful. You really haven't changed much since the last time I saw you. I was hoping that one day I could take you out on a lunch date, just to catch up. You nearly dropped your tablet as you gave him a look of displeasure as you walked over to him

"I'm pretty sure that you already know the answer to that. If you think that this is your way of sweet talking me to get on my good side, then you got another thing coming! First off, I don't do lunch dates with my clients just to catch up. Secondly, I don't do lunch dates with my exes. And thirdly, I don't do lunch dates with heartbreakers and cheaters. At this point, the only communication that I want to have with you is just strictly business. Now if you excuse me, I have an email to send to my boss on what you want. You brushed past him and went straight to your office where you went to break down and cry.

Ohh, you punk!!!!!

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