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Wassup guys!!!! Kim here bringing you a smut fanfiction for you guys. Since it's now Monday, here in Michigan but it's still Sunday and this is a little birthday shout out to @SugaKookieV. I hope you all enjoy!!!!!!

*This Story contains some sexual content. If this is not your style, please do not read!!!*

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday dear y/n, Happy Birthday to you!!!!! You beamed as your friends and family surrounds you in singing happy birthday. Next thing you see is your husband bringing out your birthday cake. Your smile became bright as he moved closer to you. Make a wish, princess, Jungkook whispers in your ear. You closed your eyes and blew out the candles as you made your wish.

Everyone cheered and clapped their hands as you began to cut pieces of your cake. Your husband of five years, Jungkook walked over and slink his arm around your waist and whispers what did you wish for. You turned around and kissed his cheek and said if I tell you then it won't come true. I will give you a small hint, it involves me and you after everyone is gone. You smiled and started to switch your hips back and forth as you walked away. Kookie looks at you with a sly smirk on his face and thought to himself just you wait for part two of your birthday.
Once you said goodbye to your last party guests, you closed the door and sigh. Ugh, so much to clean up. I don't even know where to start. Now, where is my darling husband hiding out??? You decided to head upstairs to your bedroom. You open your door to your bedroom only to find candles lit up all around the room. You looked in awe as you see Kookie walk up to you with two glasses of champagne. Happy birthday beautiful. I hope that we can toast to you for tonight. I like the idea to that as you took a glass out of his hand. You both raise your glasses and linked arms as you both drank. Kookie then took your glass and set them on the counter. He then goes behind you and wrap his arms around you and begins to kiss on your neck. Your body erupts in goosebumps as you start to feel a tingling sensation in your loins.

You moaned softly as your hand went up to his hair. Kookie, what are you trying to do, you asked. Giving you your birthday gift, he said in between kisses. You felt your dress coming undone as you felt his hands glide down your back. You stepped out of your dress and his eyes lit up at the matching bra and panty set that he loved. You looked at him with the look of wanting in your eyes. Kookie then closed the gap between the two of you and kissed you passionately. Your arms instantly went around his neck and you pushed yourself into him, feeling his hardness against your thigh. Kookie then grabs you by your ass and lifts you up. Your legs wraps around his waist as he carries you towards the bed.

You were anticipating the soft sheets against your back but instead you felt something cold against your back. You broke the kiss as you gasp when you realize that you were against the mirror of the bathroom. Jungkook then spread your legs out while kissing down your neck. When he reached your boobs, he took one in his hand and started to massage it while taking the other in his mouth. You arched your back in pleasure as he continued his administration. You felt his teeth bite your nipple and you moaned out in extacy. You wimpered a bit when Kookie started to move southwards towards your heat. You pushed your pelvis closer to his face, wanting him to touch you there. Jungkook looks up at you with a smirk and inserts two fingers inside you. You hissed in pleasure as you adjusted to his fingers. You like that don't you, as he inserted a third finger in you. You moaned out loud as his fingers stretched you out.
You felt your legs began to tremble as you began to get closer to your high. Oh is my princess trying to cum without me? I don't think so. Kookie then withdrew his fingers from within you. You frowned and pouted. Oh don't worry babe, I'm not done yet. Tonight, it's all about you. With that being said, he entered you in one swift motion without giving you a chance to adjust. The only thing that you could do is gasp. Your walls clenched around him as he moved in and out of you.

You wrapped your legs around him to pull him closer to you. You started to move with him with your hips. The friction between the two of you and skin slapping against each other had you both climbing to your high. Jungkook kept pushing you closer to the edge and you can feel him getting close himself. You felt his finger rub on your clit. I know you want to cum baby. Cum for me baby, cum all over me baby, Kookie whispers in your ear. Just those words alone sent you over. Kookie followed right afterwards, filling you up with his seeds. You both gripped each other tight as you came down from your orgasm. You kisses him all over as you felt your eyelids droop. Don't fall asleep on me yet princess, I still have to clean you up. Can it wait tomorrow, you asked sleepy. Kookie looks at you, smiles and shakes his head. Well I guess we'll have to clean up 9 months later, princess.

I hope you guys enjoyed. I know my smut game isn't all that great, but I'll keep trying!!! See yall in the next story!!
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lmfaaoooooooo hahaha so damn true... I would have said Okay!! ;D
Omg hot damn!
I loved it! Can I be part of your tag list?
Sure!!! For the House of Exetessy or my BTS tag list?
ahhhh im so sorry i just am reading this now...this was the best bday gift minus bts comeback and lovelyness. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Aawwee, I'm glad you liked it!!!!
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