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Got7 Valentine's Fan Fiction

"What are you gonna do for Valentine's Day?" JB asked me.
"What? Why ask me that? It's so far away," I waved my hand and turned my attention back onto the book I was reading.
"It's already February 12th! Don't tell me you were planning on doing nothing special for Valentine's Day! We can't have a reapeat of last year!" JB accused.
"Not my fault that that crazy fan girl vandalized our dorm," I hastily replied getting ready to bolt. I didn't want to start this conversation again. It just brought back memories I'd rather forget.
"Oh no you don't! Get back here mister!" JB grabbed my arm and yanked me back onto the couch. "And I must point out that, that fan was yours. She made it clear as day when she spray painted the words, "Mark is life," on all the windows.
"Leave me alone," I grumbbled and successfully stood up. Taking the first step towards freedom I raised my hand to wave goodbye when Jackson walked into the room. "What'cha guys talking 'bout?" he asked.
"Nothing," I said, however JB's 'Mark's crazy fan from Valentine's Day' remark was louder.
"Oh, that crazy chick? Yeah," Jackson visibly shivered and patted me on the back before continuing on towards the kitchen to get his fifth meal of the day. I swear, that boy will get fat sooner or later.
"Well... I hope you figure out something to do on Valentine's Day. And do try to keep your fans in check," JB bid me fairwell and walked off into some other part of our dorm.
"Ahg!!" I layed down on the couch and decided to take a nap. Surely I'd wake up and figure out what to do with my life.
* ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** *
"Wake up lazy butt!" Bambam sat himself ontop of me and pinned my legs to the couch.
"What's going on?" I asked