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路 He decided to leave his studies to persue his love for music and rapping and has been creating music that moves many. Including me with the very catchy beats to the very sentimental lyrics.
路 He takes care of his fellow member as if there were family which makes him a role model of how you should treat and care for a friend. Works hard in perfecting his dance and vocals.
路 Real BIG inspiration on how to overcome your inner demons to create music which help many with there inner conflicts. Many of his lyrics speak on how many doubted him and how he had proved them wrong. I wish to do that as well in whatever I do in the future.
路 Works the hardest to perfect his dance and rap. When self doubt comes up he keeps working hard with a smile on his face and encourages those aroumd him to have a positive mind set as well. Keeps a smile on his face when people treat him badly when we all know he deserves the world. *in my opinion*
路 Just like J-Hope, Jmin works hard in perfecting his dance moves and works hard in his singing. I love his vocal range since I myself is a lover of reaching high note hahaha.
路 Tae tries his hardest in everything he does. as many of you seen american hustle life many said that Tae was a black hole if he was in his team but V has showed me that even if you're a goof ball who likes to have fun there can be a serious side to oneself. Personaly I'm like that wanting to goof around but know when to be serious and getting the task done.
路 He tries his hardest for his hyungs. He works hard for the rest won't have to feel the pressure to carry him. He's hard working whether its sining or dancing or just helping his olders in anything they need. he makes me want to makes sure I work hard that others don't feel like I should habe to be taken care of. Even though hes the youngest he has a very mature vibe to himself which i like/reapect of him.
* Note these are somethings I've noticed of them from the time of been following them. They are great artist I like and acknowledged. please these are my opinions so please don't bash on them thanks *
*This is for the Vingle give away hoepfully all goes well lol*
Why should anyone bash you for pointing this out? Nooo sweetheart I agree with you. Im so proud of what they've achieved and how great they've been doing with their music. Each one of them has their own inspiring stories. They've grown up Im so proud to watch their progression over the years. It's kind of emotional because they're still humble and treasure ARMYs just the same as before.
I agree with you. I love how they work hard and they play hard as well. Somehow they find balance between work and play. They have matured and grown into young men I'm proud to love and care about.