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CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong Hwa recently transformed into a trendy boy in a TV commercial. On June 7, Jung’s agency, FNC Music, said Jung shot a TV commercial for Olive Young with the Top 3 supermodels, Jin Jung Sun, Park Seul Gi, and Lee Jenny, who appeared on On Style’s Challenge! Supermodel Korea 2. In the still, which was released online, Jung is transformed into a trendy boy and is receiving a lot of attention from the ladies. He is helping the ladies look more beautiful in a fancy powder room. An official for the commercial says, “We shot the commercial not only in a powder room but also in various places to attractively portray Jung. In the commercial, CNBLUE members, who are currently keeping busy doing individual schedules, gathered together once more. Ha Eun Young, the head of CJ Olive Young’s marketing team, says, “We cast CNBLUE to promote our concept, which leads trends among females in their 20s and 30s. Beauty and health were our theme for the commercial. Through the commercial, the group will be able to show off their healthy and beautiful charms.” cr: