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I don't think families need to have a set structure, so you can get creative with yours!

Here's my dream Kpop family:

My mom:

She would be so caring but fun and supportive. She'd never stop cheering for me.

My dad:

Sounds weird, I know, but I think that Jackson would have great life advice, help me when I'm feeling stuck, and push me to be the best me.

My twin:

Obviously we'd be up to no good 24/7.

My little brother:

Obviously he'd be up to no good 24/7.

My crazy aunt:

She'd be the one I could call when I'm really in trouble. She'd protect me like a mother bear.

*~the boy next door*~

I would casually sit outside my house and pray he'd walk by tbh hahahaha.

Who is in your family?!!

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mom - Jihyun dad - Jinyoung twin - Yeri little brother - Jinho crazy aunt - Yuri the boy next door - Sehun
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Mom: Bom (2NE1 Have you heard that lady go off? lolol And shes older and well experienced. She takes care of her members too) Dad: Myungsoo (Infinite... He seems calm/well tempered but caring. Important qualities for a father!) Twin: Zico of BlockB. He and I are similar in too many ways, we couldn't NOT be twins! Little Brother: Seungkwan of 17 because hes so extra and annoying like every little brother should be but still fun! Crazy Aunt: (Jin of Lovelyz!! Shes so attentive and talkative and
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Mom - Ailee Dad - Minho (Shinee) Twin - Amber Little Brother - Jungkook Crazy Aunt - Hwasa The Boy Next Door - Jonghyun (Shinee )
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Mom: Hyolyn Dad: TOP (Adding this) Older sister: Seulgi Twin: JHope Little brother: Seungkwan Crazy aunt: Hani The boy next door: Jackson
10 months ago·Reply
Mom: Ailee Dad: Jin (BTS) Twin: Yoongi (BTS) (I swear he's my spirit animal) Little brother(s): Mark and Haechan (NCT) Crazy Aunt: Moonbyul (Mamamoo) The Boy(s) Next Door: Hakyeon (VIXX) and Jinho (Pentagon)
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