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Summary: She was in pain but no one noticed.
A/N: Under request I have made a part 2! Hope you guys enjoy! she left 1 Hoseok had just come home from practice. He sat down on the couch and was admiring his girlfriend's sleeping face who was fast asleep on the couch, when his phone began to ring waking his girlfriend from her sleep. "Sorry." He mumbled to her as he snapped at the person on the other side,"This better be important Jimin." There was a pause on the phone as he put it on speaker phone for his curious girlfriend to hear as well. "Hyung...it's about Y/N..." Hoseok looked at his girlfriend's face looking for a reaction. She showed a hint of anger you figured to have this conversation end as soon as possible,"What about her Jimin?" There was another long pause when you heard sniffle,"Her brother called the dorm...he told me to tell you to pick up your things from her place." Hoseok scoffed. She was always like this. "Why doesn't she tell me herself?" "Because she can't..." Hoseok looked at his phone then at his girlfriend with a puzzled look,"What do you mean?" Hoseok heard another silence pissing him off,"Look Jimin I'm bu--" "She's gone hyung," Jimin said interrupting him with a wavering voice which made him sound like he was crying. "She left...sh-she...she was sick. And we didn't even know." Hoseok hung up the phone with a sobbing Jimin on the other side. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. He knew this was reality but he didn't want to believe it. "Babe...are you okay?" The following day Hoseok headed to the apartment that Y/N and him once shared, alone. He was greeted by her older brother. "You're Jung Hoseok?" He nodded as her brother let him in. A sudden nostalgia hitting him. "I'll leave you here for a second. Just lock the door when your done. Your things are in the bedroom." Hoseok nodded as her older brother took a phone call on his phone heading out closing the door behind him. Now Hoseok was just surrounded by silence. All these feelings he never knew he had left for Y/N came flowing out. When out of nowhere a happy Y/N appeared behind him from the kitchen holding a bowl of strawberries. She looked like how she did when they had first started dating. "Hobi if we were to have kids how many would you want?"  Then a figure of Hoseok followed her foot steps sitting next to her,"Doesn't matter as long as they're healthy and you are safe." Hoseok observed the happy couple especially Y/N and her happy self. He remembered this conversation. This was when they were discussing their future together. Why didn't I notice?  Hoseok watched as the figures slowly faded. A single tear falling from his eyes. Why didn't she ask me for help?  Hoseok finally realized that their fallout was not Y/N's fault it was his own. He was the one to leave her when she needed him the most. He was the one to ignore her. He realized that she was asking. No screaming for help but he ignored it. All of it. And now there was nothing left for him to do. All he can do is sit there surrounded by their memories and wish things had been different. Hoseok then entered the bedroom and at the corner of his eyes he saw the picture Y/N and him had taken on their 3rd anniversary at the top of the Seoul Tower. He began to cry as he hugged the picture of the once so happy Y/N. Once again the feelings he thought he had already buried was overwhelmingly taking over every inch of his body. It was hard for him to accept the truth. That he had let the woman he had once loved so dearly die. Die without even a chance to fight back. I should've been there. But there was no use. Because the reality of it all is that he wasn't there. If anything he was the first to leave. The first to abandon her in her moments of darkness. He pushed her closer to the darkness and now she was gone. Hoseok continued to cry as he remembered the memories of Y/N etched into his mind. He cried as he had finally realized the little changes in her behavior. He cried as he remembered leaving her in this apartment as he lived happily all on his own. But that's all he can do now. To cry. To remember. To regret. ==================================== ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe ♥My Taglist♥ If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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I swear y'all need to stop tagging me for these types of stories!!! I keep crying cuz its soo good and saaad!!!! 😢😢😢 But I can't atop reading!!!!
Omg i loved this. So emotional. Part 3?
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Oh my! it was a bad idea to read this before going to work. it got me all emotional 😢
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