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Taehyung told him to stay over night considering Baekhyun had no other place to go. As well as that, it was partly his house so he had rights to stay. You, however, could have left. You were only meant to stay over night for a sleepover and could have easily cancelled. Except you didn't. You wanted to stay. Maybe it was Baek being back but you didn't want to leave knowing he was back. You'd all gone off into your separate rooms as it was getting late by the time you finished discussing about Baekhyun, his past and where he woke up. You were comfortably wrapped in a duvet cocoon as you tried to drift off to sleep. Just before you could properly settle down your mind, the door slowly opened. Baekhyun decided he wanted to spend some time with you. He wanted your comfort as he couldn't sleep. Somehow, he expected you to help him relax. He peeked around the door, "Y/N!" He whispered, "are you still awake?" You propped yourself up on your elbows and he shut the door behind him. Taehyung was probably asleep by now. "You alright Baek?" He moved over and perched at the edge of your bed. "Can't sleep and thought I could use some company" Was he really suggesting that he would sleep with you? You got flustered at the thought. 'Grow up Y/N' you thought. You moved aside and patted beside you. He crept onto the bed as you offered him some cover. He opened up his arm expectantly and so you leant your head by his chest in return. He pulled you closer and so the pair of you were hugging. His warmth surrounded you. "You know... I prefer it when you call me Bae rather than Baek" You smiled, "I'll keep that in mind" "Do we really have to sleep? I'd rather talk to you all night!" You assumed now that him not being able to sleep was just a ploy to join you. "I'm tired though" you whined. "So, I'll talk you to sleep then" You nodded. You didn't care just as long as you slept and he was happy. "There was once a little boy who's brother brought home a girl. This boy's brother and the girl were best friends. The boy would watch over the two kids like they were his children." You grinned, as you knew he was talking about you, and faded into a peaceful sleep. He knew you were asleep but carried on until he was too tired to continue. "Except, they could never be his children as he loved the brother's best friend. He didn't even know what love was yet he was drawn to her. He thought she was the prettiest being on earth. She was his addiction, she just didn't know it" He yawned, "but one day he told her. Accidentally that was. He pinned her to the wall and growled at her. He restricted himself for so long that when he finally kissed her, he was in heaven. And the girl?" He looked over at you once more before closing his eyes. "She was perfect for him" He was the first to wake up and first to notice his 'comfortable' sleeping position. His arm was wrapped around your stomach and your head was huddled against his chest. "She was perfect for him" he managed to whisper as his voice was a little raspy from the sleep. You stirred slightly only to move closer to him. He smiled at your actions even though he was fully aware that you didn't know what you were doing really. Little did he know that you were half awake and quite aware the position you were in. You decided that it was too comfortable to move - even if you were a bit taken back by the lack of distance between you and Baekhyun. "Who are these people Bae?" You asked obviously scaring him. "W-what people?" He tried to brush it off but you wouldn't allow that. By this point, neither of you had even thought about moving. Instead, the pair of you remained in each other's company. "You said she was perfect for him. So who are they?" "It's just a story!" "Bae, I know when you're lying." "Oh really?" "Yeah, so who are they?" He paused. What was he meant to say? "Tell me the truth Bae!" The truth... He listened to the word over and over, 'truth'. He could lie, it would be possible. But to you? He wasn't so sure. As far as he could tell, he was quite trusting in you. You'd shared good memories and so you were quite close but really it was Taehyung and you that knew each other like books. Baekhyun still had much to learn about you, not just because he'd gone through some experiment.