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{GCM} - Gotta Catch'em Monday! Piplup!!
Today is Gotta Catch'em Monday!! So today its any pokemon you pick that you would like to catch!!

For me I picked


Just look at this little guy!!! I would definitally bring him home with me

He's just so cute!!

So Who is your Pokemon you wanna catch?

Make sure you tag me and my mod's in your card if you participate

My Pokemon Crew

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you and have a Good Day! :)

{L}- @LCordz

{Do Not Copy Tag List, Unless You're One Of My Mods}

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add! 😊
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Alright cool 👌
9 months ago
Teddiursa or Pancham it's hard for me to choose >.< they'd be the ultimate buddy for me :D
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