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After leaving the gravesite, I made my way to the office to go through the old case files that we had on Ghost. Sitting at my desk, looking through these files and the images, it just brought back so many memories and feelings that I had from before.

“Hey boss. What you doing with those?”
“I need to go through them. It seems like our friend may be back in town.”
“How is that even possible? I thought they were dead?”
“Yea well, that’s what I thought too. But it looks like it may not be the case.”
“So what are you gonna do?”
“I need to first confirm and make sure that this asshole really is alive. Then I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure that these assholes pay for what they did. I’m going to take these pieces of shit down at whatever cost!”

With that, I grabbed my files and proceeded to walk out of the precinct. I made sure to text Jay the time and place where to meet me at for tomorrow. It’s time to figure out what’s really going on.

The Next Day

I’m waiting for Jay at the meet up spot so he can tell me exactly what the hell is going on. The place we met up at, is not one that I would frequent often. It’s a shit hole of a place but one where no one would ever bother you and leave you to yourself. Whatever secrets you needed to harbor, they could always be kept here.

Jay finally shows up and we get down to business.

“Detective Kwon”
“Alright, so let’s get down to it. What the hell exactly happened?”

“I went to my usual spot to just kick it and see if I could spot MJ and hope and pray that maybe she would be there. Well it turned out better than I had hoped. She came up to me as part of her usual game, looking for a reason to take a man home so she could get what she wanted out of him. I obliged. I thought that she would have recognized me just from my voice but I guess 7 years changes a person a lot.

Anyways, I brought the conniving bitch back to my place and buttered her up. I let her get as far as she needed so I could get her to my room and do what I needed to do.”

“Jay?!” said Detective Kwon questionably. “Please don't tell me you did what I think you did to get this information?”

“Detective, I'm not gonna lie to you. Yea I did. I allowed my anger to get the best of me but let's be real, the bitch got what she deserved!”

“Alright, alright Jay. I'll pretend like what you just said to me never existed for the sake of what's going on. Keep going.”

“Anyways, I tied her to the bed and made her think we were gonna be doing some kinky shit and instead I let myself be known. So I questioned her about everything. What happened that night and why it happened.

All she could tell me was that Simon wanted my empire for himself. All of it. I knew that Simon and MJ had been fucking around with each other but in order to give her what she wanted he needed to get rid of me. But see the problem is that MJ at one point was carrying Simon's child, which Alexis so willing killed. Everyone had a reason.
But MJ for so pissed that she let it spill that those fucks were still alive. Alive and well, living off of my work.”

“Fuck. They're nothing but a bunch of fucking psychos. Who the fuck decides to fuck around with people's lives like this?”
“Yea, well who are you telling.”
“Let me ask you something Jay. How far do you think they are willing to go to get what they want?”
“How far? As in what? Betrayal? Lies? Murder?”
“Murder? From what you've told me, it looks Alexis would have no problem of killing anyone but what about Simon? You used to know these people best.”
“Yea but that's just it. I thought I knew them. Apparently, I didn't really know them at all. But why do you ask?”

Detective Kwon looks around and pulls out some very old files and opens them up for me to take a look. They were old police reports of what seemed to be a nicely dressed couple that had been bound by their hands and feet and were brutally murdered. I have never seen such a thing. This makes me sick to my stomach. Who would do this? I went from that file to the next. It contained pictures of a girl. She had to be no more than 16 years old, lying on the cold ground slain.

“Detective Kwon, what is all of this? Why are you showing these to me?”
“7 years ago, I was investigating these two cases. Each murder took place only a week apart. At first I thought the case of the couple was just some deranged person who was looking for money for drugs. But there was something wrong. Nothing was taken. Money, jewelry, wallets. They were all there.

The way that they were bound, was almost as if it were done by a professional. By someone who had done this multiple times. They weren't the only couple either. I have had other couples go missing and their bodies would eventually show up. But I had a prominent couple go missing and no one could seem to find them anywhere. It's still a missing persons case. Then a week later this case of the young girl appeared. Brutally slain, everything was still there except for one thing.”

“What was that? What was it that was missing?” Jay said.

“Her cellphone. Now of course there are many reasons for why this could be. But as I looked further into her case, I was granted permission to track her phone to the last whereabouts. And the location happened to be where we found her body before it was turned off.
I had been investigating these murders for months. And these weren't the only murders that took place and some similarities. Every time we got close to catching the son of a bitch, he or they disappeared, giving them the name Ghosts.”

“Wait, wait hold on. What are you trying to say? Are you saying that Simon killed her? Or are you saying that Simon and Alexis have been going on killing sprees since before?”

“What I'm saying Jay is that after i received your call, I did some more digging around. I dug into the background of your case, ever since you told me that they were still alive. Going back over the evidence, they never did a DNA test to confirm that it was Simon and Alexis that the bodies belonged to the night you were arrested for their murder. Instead they went based off of witness accounts and the fact that no one wanted an autopsy to be done. I happen to think that the person who ordered that was….”

“That bitch MJ.”
“BINGO! Now, in order to prove what I already believe is a good theory, considering we are having this conversation, is that the bodies that are presumed to be Simon and Alexis’ are actually indeed the bodies of the missing couple.”

I leaned back in my sit, my mind reeling from everything he just told me. I don't want to believe that Simon would do some shit like this. Set me up? Yes. Betrayal? Yes. It’s what that asshole was good at. But murder?! That seems more like Alexis.

“So what are we going to do?!”
“We're going to play a little game. And it's going to require that you and MJ take part in this. I made a promise all those years ago and I plan on keeping it.”

“Whatever it takes to make those muthafuckers pay, I'm down. As for MJ, we can't trust her. She is gonna need a tight leash. If she was willing to betray me once, she will be willing to do it again.”

“And that's what I'm banking on!”

Jay looked at me like he couldn't believe what I said. And I told him this

“Betrayal is the greatest poem man could write. With every betrayal there is a consequence. And no one can plot revenge or vengeance better than the betrayal itself.”
What he meant by that, I'm sure I will find out soon enough.

Well my lovelies, I truly hope you enjoyed this chapter. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter.

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