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Its basically Valentines day lol, So I sharing what k drama's are super mushy and loveable in a romantic way!
(lol I'll prolly be watching one of these and eating chocolate for my holiday lol go me!)
A little lie about being married brings Yoon Eun Hye and Kamg Ji Hwan together in this romantic Comedy
Every actress hopes that an opportunity will come along to play an iconic role and make her a star.
Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won star in this romantic comedy about 2 people who switch bodies and lives, yet they still fall in love
Can an alien Understand a modern Korean Woman? lol I think we all know what My love from the star is about, Alien falls in love, no longer wants to leave the girl behind, oh no what will he do. ( lol I'm sorry it is one of my favorites)

A girl at the bottom of her high school class hopes to get the smartest boy to notice her, Omgosh! they live together Oh my gosh they develop feelings for each other! This is a cute high school sweetheart drama, and it is really cute!
This just sounds to entertaing. I haven't watched yet but heard good things about, gonna give it a go lol

I know there's more romance drama's out there BUT these 5 are one to contunally go back to, they are honestly goodies and comfort shows lol.
the 6th is new to try!!