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well im a tad bit late on this chapter but i had a 6 page essay due this weekend that took uo a lot of my time so sorry everyone. but i finally give you part 12. i hope you all like it! this chapter is a bit short...but its pretty intense

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"This is none of your business hyung" he said the last part sarcastically. "this is between me and my girlfriend!" Normally i would be happy that he finally admitted i was his girlfriend but it felt wrong on his lips. "Anything you have to say to my WIFE does involve me" Jimin's jaw dropped. "Wife!!!!" I squealed

Hobie turned to me and lifted my left hand to my face using his own left hand. On my hand sat a dainty but beautiful diamond ring. His own hand held a simple matching male version of the ring. It had a single diamond while mine had several, but you could tell it was a match. I yanked my hand from his to examine it closer as if it would disappear if i blinked. How had i not noticed this on my hand all morning. "Wait ....but you said we didn't!" I asked still staring at the ring. Hobie scratched the back of his head with his hand bashfully. "Well i said we didnt have sex..."he said. "You said you wouldn't take advantage of me!" I said glaring at him accusingly. "To me taking advantage is doing something that you might regret and cant be undone. While you couod possibly regret this.... sadly it can technically be undone, but i hope you dont." He said giving me his really sad puppy dog eyes. It was so hard to not cave in to him when he made that face. Jimin used the opportunity to snatch my hand and yank me towards the door. "See. It can be undone. Lets go." Hobie quickly reached out grabbing my other hand. "wait! I know we were pretty drunk last night when we got married, but this is definitely not a mistake to me. Just give me a year to show you, no not even a year. A month and if you still dont see iy i wont bother you about it any more." Jimin pulled on my wrist harder but hobie held his ground. "Why would she want to be married to you when she's dating me?!" He growled. My wrist that he was pukking was starting to hurt. "Jimin ...." I started but he just glared at me. "This is all your own fault you know?!" "I know" i sighed. "We have been dating for 3 years!" He said turning to hobie as if he had some self claim on me with those 3 years....in a way i felt he did. I had loved him for longer but i was his and he was mine for those 3 years. "I know" hobie said. What jimin said hadnt even phased him. "Wait.....you knew?! You knew i was dating jimin?!" I asked in shock. I thought we had kept tye secret so well. Even jimin seemed shocked at this news and loosened the grip on my arm. Hobie looked at me and smiled sadly. "How long have we known each other? I may act clueless but I'm not." "Then why did you..." I started but stopped unsure of which question i wanted to ask first. "Why did i ask you out? Why did i keep asking jimin if he liked you? Why did i ask you to marry me last night? " He said, saying all of them out loud for me. I just swallowed and nodded. "Thats simple. I thought you would have figured it out you silly girl." He said as he lightly knocked on my head with his free fist. "Because i love you. I always have, since the moment i first saw you." I felt my heart and my stomach begin to flip flop. "stay with me. Let me love you. I promise i can take care of you." He pleaded. "I ....um...." "Why would she do that? I love her and she loves me!" Jimin said stepping between hobie and i. He looked at me and i saw the same fiery passion he had when we first started dating. He may have had his days where he was distant and cold but the jimin who had called me names was not someone i knew. I could only blame it on how hurt and betrayed he must have been feeling. My heart pounded. In 3 years he had never said he loved me and now he was saying it. At the same time i had known hobie for the same amount of time and he was just now confessing?? "I ....um....." I began chewing on my lip. "Dont you love me anymore babe? "

Jimin asked looking deeply hurt. "I do..." I started but was quickly cut off. "Well then lets go fix this." He said trying to sound calm. I could tell he was still freaking out though. "Just one month. Thats all im asking" hobie repeated again and i stopped dead in my tracks again. "I.....i need a minute! This is just too much" i said as a made a break for my room slamming the door shut on the 2 figures running after me. I quickly locked the door and let out a breathe. My chest felt tight. There was only one thing i could think of left to do. I quickly grabbed my phone and began to dial. To be continued?

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its tge battle of the blondes lol. anywho i hope you all enjoyed! let me know what ya think with some comments. i love to hear from ya. again sorry its so short but i will update soon. want to be added to the list or removed just let me know.
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