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Welcome to The House of Agape!
Has you have noticed the fan fic mods have started a new project: The Houses. @fallchild and I have been given the pleasure to make your hearts go pitter-patter with so much fluff you will explode!

The rules of this house are simple!
1) Join the house.
-Just drop a comment below saying you would like to join.
2) Write as many cute fan fics as you want.
-Simply tag the fan fic mod team (Tagged at the end of this post), our tag list (in the making), your personal tag list (if you have on), and the tag list of people who would like to be tag in every post related to the house project.


Fan Fic Mods:
Taglist :
Until next time
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any kind of fluff (like K-pop, anime, video games?)
6 months ago·Reply
Yes, any kind of fluff
6 months ago
I want to join
6 months ago·Reply
aigoo cute and cheesy who doesn't love that
6 months ago·Reply
This sounds really fun! I used to love to write but I've never written fanfic....might try it out!
6 months ago·Reply