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Hoi guise! The name's Katherine but you could call me anything! I'd like to give an introduction about myself, this profile in general really and my thoughts on 'Spring Day' and 'Not Today'. • I'm from the U.S. and I'm multifandom if you couldn't tell from my bio! I stan groups such as Seventeen, Got7, and I've really been into GFriend! I'll just be giving a list of idols I either listen to and/or stan. My list: BTS Infinite Super Junior [including Super Junior T] Day6 NCT [including the units coming in the future] Twice AOA Gfriend B2ST BTOB Nu'est EXO Red Velvet CLC 4MINUTE History Cross Gene 24k JJCC SHINee Blackpink 9Muses Dal Shabet KARD Astro Big Bang Winner 2NE1 Dean Block B AOMG Oh My Girl Lovelyz F(x) Jessi Vixx Crush (?) GFriend Got7 Seventeen —Mk, I'm pretty sure that's it. Well the ones I remember. Fun Fact: I used to listen to a bit of P!ATD but I stopped, I still sing along with their songs though. I'll be adding any groups within the comments or something. 💗My Ultimate Bias:
Jung Hoseok!! He's been my ult since hakuna matata [The Boy In Luv Era] and I'll never change it! How could you not love this cutie of a sunshine! Fun Fact: [This isn't relating to my ult bias in any way by the way.] The first k-pop group I got into was EXO, my friend introduced me to them a bit before Kris left so I had to face getting heartbroken bruhh ‼️What I'll Be Posting: • Wallpapers • There'll be a series entitled "A Concept:" where I'll be reminiscing about styles idols have had before. Hmm, for example, "Seungkwan's Forehead" or "Jungkook's Hair From Dope Era". See what I'm sayin'? • Rants • There'll possibly be more series in the future!! 🌸My Thoughts On 'Spring Day' So first of all..the music video was beautiful. Everything was beautiful actually. The vocals, the rapping, but there was one thing that had me scratching my head. Where in the name of tarnation are Hobi's lines?! I tried looking to see if they were in the background or something, luckily they were. But I'm still sad he got no lines. And what's up with the laundry lmao 🔥My Thoughts on 'Not Today' MK—THIS WAS LIT. I ESP LIKE THE BEGINNING LYRICS NAMJOON SAYS FOR SOME REASON "All the underdogs in the world. A day may come when we lose. But it is not today. Today we fight" and then yoongi's rap part. When you look @ the lyrics, they're actually pretty encouraging (?). I'm also v v glad my bae got ACTUAL liNes in not today tbh. I find jungkook's part where he says "ready, aim, fire!" [gyeonwo chong! jojun! balsa!] really cute for some reason .-.