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First I want to say is congragts to the boys on making their MV pass 10 million views. I think that is faster then any of their MVs that have came out before Spring Day

Alright now moving on to the next thing and that is the Top 3 songs from their new album. I start from number 3 and move down to my number one favorite.

Starting at #3......
A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.
Come on Crawl crawl crawl crawl it like it like that. Baby Walk walk walk walk it like it like that. Baby run run run run it like it like that. Baby fly fly fly fly it like it like that.
Lets just say when i heard the song i just knew that when I read the lryics i was going to cry. This song is about how we will never be alone as along as BTS is there. Not just that but we will always have someone with us to where we are never alone.

Coming in at #2 is...
Spring Day (Tittle song)
You know it all You’re my best friend , Morning will come again, Because no darkness and no season , Is eternal
THe boys did a wonderful job on this song and it come in tie with the #1 song on my top three. The lyrics above are my favorite, because it shows on how no matter what there is light at the end of every tunnel we take. Plus, I like on how they say how much they hate the snow. In total agreement lol.

Alright now time for #1
The last drumroll........
Not Today
Yeah we are EXTRA But still part of this world
This song speaks the truth about being part of this world and that we should believe ourselves and those that we trust. I can't wait to see this MV this weekend. I just know that this song is going to be a hit like all of their songs. Yesterday when I bought the song, I listened to it on repeat feeling what they were singing saying that Not Today I will not fail, I will stand on my two feet, and Fight!
Together we won’t die I believe in the word together I believe in BTS
There you have it my top three from Wings: You Never Walk Alone. Look forward for tomorrows card :)

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