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Moving to Korea Beast RESULTS!?!?!?
Hey guys time for the results to the game. THE SUSPENCE!?!?! Now did you get a good result? Lets find out. My brother will give you your results. GAME
Who picked you up?
Who is your cousin??
What did you wear??
Ice cream!!!!!
Are you gonna get call from him?
Right guys comment down below your results. @InfinitySky @Helixx @SweetDuella @KoizuniHime19 @yessicaCardenas @KenyaMendoza
I like mine xD
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I'm not getting a call back馃槩
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Sorry Hun.
9 months ago
Mine is really good I loved it and he will call again yay
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Junhyung somehow had time in his busy schedule to pick up some rando person (me), Daehyun is my cousin, I wore a cute outfit (cause you know, swag), ate some yummy ice cream and Junhyung is going to call me... I am completely satisfied in my decision to move to Seoul.
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Im playing this later!
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