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Well Good Hello Everyone! This week since it's Valentine's Week and we all love and support our idols, Astro and Madtown communities have decided to show all our albums that we have!
As many of you know, I live at my University so my physical copies are still at home but I decided to show my music on iTunes. some of them don't have a cover and I'm still trying to figure that out but .. yeah! Let's spread the love through this! if you happen to have some of these let me know!!!
Also, as an added bonus my friend is obsessed with Astro and decided to show her love another way! check it out!
that's her laptop cover which she drew! also don't mind the bulgogi fries on the side .. we were hungry after Korean class haha
Damn gurl, you got a lot of albums! How much did they all cost?
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You're selling them? Why?
My friend is trying to sell more of those sheets! if anyone is interested!